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[MoI] On My Way To Sea / Nasa cesta k moru

Day 1,708, 12:24 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Ministerstvo Informacii

We DO got Sea. But, do you know, how we did get it?
Mame more, no kolky z nas vedia, ako sme sa k nemu dopracovali?

Let's look into history ;]

Zacali si Ukrajinci ;]

za MoI conta


martin 123456789
martin 123456789 Day 1,708, 12:26

dobre zhrnuté

Artus3 Day 1,708, 12:28


susususk Day 1,708, 12:49

Comment deleted

Drak Day 1,709, 03:11

voted o7

surprised Day 1,709, 03:35

no rýchlo sa okúpať a ideme si ho ustrážiť ...

Vlastimil Day 1,709, 07:57


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