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[MoFA] eRepublik Korean Translation Project Has Been Complete!

Day 1,996, 06:11 by theirina

Good Night From Korea :)

Another long journey has been ended.

But this time's journey was little special.

Led by Ernesto Jeon, President of Korea 4 months-for-row,

eRepublik Korean Translation Project Task Force ended the Korean translation job.

Soon, there will be the test page of Korean Web Site of eRepublik and Task Force will fix the wrong parts one by one with the Admins of eRepublik.

It is my glory that I can publish this news to every people of eRepublik.

I hope this is the start of the strong Korea.

Hail Republic of Korea!

Hail Ernesto Jeon!

Hail eRepublik Korean Translation Task Force!


theirina, MoFA of Republic of Korea



elveon Day 1,996, 06:17

Kasno Rumun na poluostrvo stiže...

Milutin Markovic
Milutin Markovic Day 1,996, 06:18

Great job! I wish you a big baby boom. \o/

galenaandrea Day 1,996, 06:21

Congratz! o7

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,996, 06:30

grats~ Sadly we're not done with the japanese translation T_T so much left to be done but very few of us who try to finish it.

Athasnim Day 1,996, 06:51

축하축하~ baby boom go!

hive_cluster Day 1,996, 07:28


ManuR Day 1,996, 09:04

I wish you a big baby boom. o7

Ernesto Jeon
Ernesto Jeon Day 1,996, 09:45

"Most of people told it is impossible and dream. But eventually I could do it.
And next, I'm going to show you another possibility like growing of RL S.Korea during 50~60 years."

Klimentie Day 1,996, 17:12

Gratz. I wish you a big baby boom

diad Day 1,996, 17:20

Hail Republic of Korea!

Hail Ernesto Jeon!

Hail eRepublik Korean Translation Task Force!

diad Day 1,996, 17:21

Hail theirina

cuihao Day 1,996, 18:16


Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,996, 19:46

Cant wait to see ROK become as powerful as ROC.

MKVII Day 1,996, 20:46

Congratz! 恭喜

Albert tseng
Albert tseng Day 1,996, 21:04

As an ambassador of erep
Welcome a new version into this world.

good luck & congratz

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,996, 21:57

congratulations! That is a great step towards a babyboom

Stolch Day 1,997, 00:14

great news and congrats, we now wait the baby boom : D

EucliwoodHellscythe Day 1,997, 00:36


Java Mocha
Java Mocha Day 1,997, 03:30

It's time to prepare for our babyboom

KIDE777 Day 1,997, 03:44

촤촤촤촤촤~ 촤촤촤촤촤~ 살아있네 에르네스또!
촤촤촤촤촤~ 촤촤촤촤촤~ 살아있네 이리나!

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