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[MH] Orders (day 1825) + Results

Day 1,825, 05:58 Published in Slovakia Poland by Kaileene

Fight for eChile

Dotacie sa zatial dostavaju nezavisle na avatare ( cize v plnej davke )
You will get tanks no matter of your avatar.

Vzorec/Formula: (hits/10)*2 q7 tanks - special offer :)

->Nezabudnite sa prihlasit na minibitku pred bojom a kliknut finish po boji. Otvorene po celu dobu kampane
->Dont forget to join minibattle before fighting and click finish after you are done. Open until end of campaign.


Successfully transferred 28 item(s) to Kocurr.
Successfully transferred 16 item(s) to Ludiacus.


ArslanbekSultanbekov Day 1,825, 06:00

v2 s83

Drobcek Day 1,825, 09:30

Error. Wrong division, minibattle not found or closed already.

Kaileene Day 1,825, 10:07

dotacie funguju pre clenov Mor Ho vojenskej jednotky : )

Drobcek Day 1,825, 10:41

aha, jasne, ten avatar ma pomylil

Kocurr Day 1,825, 12:33

Completed! o7

Kocurr Day 1,826, 10:59

Any orders today?

Kaileene Day 1,826, 15:51

today no.. I had a long day in school. next day

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