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[Linkorama] Richard Feist for President

Day 1,811, 04:18 by Goku Jones

This article is here to rise above the vote buying and spam war taking place in the media at the moment; providing links to the various articles relating to the Presidential Election. I will update this article over the next two days as new articles are published.

Richard Feist for Country President.

Richard Feist is running with New Era and is being officially supported by UKPP and PCP having won a poll of their members. Below are all of the links to his campaign so far:

Party Announcements
New Era Announces that it is running Richard Feist for President.

UKPP Announces that it's members voted in vast numbers to support Richard Feist.

Goku Jones lays out the defective old system and how Richard represents a new system.

Posidon explains how UKPP and New Era worked together on the campaign and what Richard has done for UKPP.

Huey George of WRP offers his interesting take on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

Richard announcing his Candidacy and Military Manifesto.

Richard announcing his Foreign and Domestic Manifesto and Cabinet.

Other Candidates for Country President.

Current President Talon Karrde is running for re-election with support of UKRP and some of TUP and ESO. Party President of TUP Dan Moir is running against him, as is an ESO member Diakun. Seems like there is some disunity or a momumental messup there? Below are all of the links to their campaign so far:

Party Announcements
TUP announces that they are supporting Talon Karrde for President and also takes to liberty of announcing ESO and UKRP's support for them too.

Lauren Taylor shows that she has no class whatsoever and does her bit to destroy 100 years of feminism.

Appleby can't think of anything to say but still wants to be in the Top 5 Media.

Bohemond likes Talon Karrde.

Talon Karrde announcing that a poll of people who support him liked his term as President.

Talon Karrde announces that he will support New Players by having Old Players tell them what to do because they are "very young" and not able to understand the game yet.



Carlini8 Day 1,811, 04:52

I am looking forward to his MoF details and other reforms today.

Alphabethis Day 1,811, 05:31

yeah, the META-article, the index-article, we needed this. We just need to sort out so much media material.
Carlini you could be MoF for BOTH candidates, just imagine!

AdmiralNelson Day 1,811, 06:15

we need to get this game away from the forum only users

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,811, 07:49

Another dull, soon to be top 5 article. Congratz

howdyho Day 1,811, 07:58

Why buy votes for this article! Vote buying is just getting ridiculous. Everyone should stop fighting vote buying with vote buying it is obviously going to fail!

Iain Keers
Iain Keers Day 1,811, 08:18

Nice. Seriously, how stupid do you think the average UK citizen is Goku?

If you're going to attempt to play at being neutral, you might want to do better than this. PS Lauren Taylor is a long time UKPP/RN member. I guess you just don't like her now because she supports the other guy.

Dan Moir
Dan Moir Day 1,811, 08:19

I am not running as you well know Goku. Your multi (since banned) took over a party and nominated me whilst making a troll party. Stay classy.

Goku Jones Day 1,811, 08:20

Comment deleted

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,811, 08:23

Appleby can't think of anything to say but still wants to be in the Top 5 Media."

lol seriously? Says the man who's article of just links is in the top 5...

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,811, 08:28

Goku is beginning to be in real danger of not being able to sink any lower : 3

I wonder how many people see through the drag act now

Spygon Day 1,811, 08:31

Goku is running out of ideas so makes an anti-rival attack article also puts others into the political race to spread votes against he favored candidate. While also trying to say he is some how neutral seems his lying and cheating is rearing its ugly head again.

Oh wait its goku this is old news moving on.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,811, 09:19

Well since so many good articles are being driven out of the Top 5 by vote buying, in paticular a few spam blank articles... I thought it would be a good thing to have the first article be a link to all those which are hidden under the spam.

I did put the articles of both sides in!

dmgd Day 1,811, 09:24

450 votes? That makes me think there is not a single authentic vote here xD

And it's really sad what you (all vote buyers) are doing to our media...

Astora Day 1,811, 09:31

> "This article is here to rise above the vote buying, spam and camwhore war"
> proceed with pointed, shitty bias journalism

Really exhibiting the class and maturity that NE will bring to the CP seat if elected.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,811, 09:41

Think that I bought 350 Votes, are you suggesting that I didn't vote my own article to make it 451 votes lol!

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,811, 10:01

Talon Karrde announcing that a poll of people who support him liked his term as President and that he will support New Players by having Old Players tell them what to do.


Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,811, 10:58

Where as Don Dapper supports new players with comments like,

"Who the Hell are you anyway ?…No comments hardy no votes , your 3 weeks old…lets check your stat's very lame 50% of the time no fights…people call you nuts and mad…how has this all come about in your 12 active days here ?"

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,811, 11:13

Theres a lot of people butthurt in here Goku lmao : D

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,811, 14:31

Added more links!

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,811, 14:58

Are PCP and WRP even supporting Feist?

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,811, 15:21

PCP's poll finished today so it was too late for them to put Richard as support ingame, I was speaking to Bamber about this on IRC this morning and he told me that Richard did win the poll!

You can see Huey of WRP's endorsement in my linkorama.

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,811, 15:56

So that's a no from PCP and as Huey isn't PP of WRP, a no again. If PCP actual are supporting you they seem embarrassed enough (rightly) to have no mention of it in any of there recent communique.

GameChanger Day 1,811, 16:10

Wow, a non-biased article not coming out of Goku's ass for once!


Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,812, 00:28

Rory the PP of WRP is supporting Richard Fiest. PCP's poll was late going up as we took our time to select a candidate...surely you agree that when it comes to running the country its always best to take your time with an important decision like that?

Niemand Day 1,812, 04:57

It is always best to take your time. On the other hand game mechanics are the most important.
Maybe it is best to be ready when game decides you should be ready?
Today (day 18,12) the citizens of each nation decides who is running the nation.
Before party presidents decided who to support as candidate. Just before that people had their chance to influence their party presidents. Think about the nuances. That can be very deciding.

Yossarian Afudyakno
Yossarian Afudyakno Day 1,812, 05:00

Rory- you've probably still got PCP access so you can tell the truth about the members poll. Speaking as a member, we are behind Feist. \o/

Niemand Day 1,812, 05:05

eRepublik is our game, our nation:
Talon Karrde got support of 4 parties: TUP, ESO, UKRP & BIP.
Richard Feist is only supported by 2 parties: UKPP and NE.
Diakun also gathered support of 2 parties: LUK, C.
The other candidates had only one party behind them.
People who claim otherwise are only role playing.
eRepublik is our game, our nation! Citizens will decide who will be country president, not the role players nor the cheaters!

Jacen Molare
Jacen Molare Day 1,812, 05:33

I think if you are going to suggest an article is not biased it's not good to then proceed with an article so biased it suggests it has come out of the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda!

As for vote buying!!! Pathetic really!

Niemand Day 1,812, 05:37

See here about the party support for the presidential candidates:

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,812, 08:08

Niemand mate please stop the blatant trolling. WRP and PCP support Fiesty but didnt get their support in on time...but officially they support him.

I thought you were a bigger person that stooping to that mate

Niemand Day 1,812, 08:31

Sorry, game says otherwise, admins rule here. It can be that the (important) members support Fiest, but that is something different. I would call that unofficially they are supporting (because it is not according the rules).

It was poor timing of the opposition I think. I do hope once in power their timing will be better.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,812, 08:41

Timing like putting an absent candidate as your nomination for country president?

Niemand Day 1,812, 08:47

Yes that was a big fail for the TUP party president in august. I think he will never get chosen again.
However the TUP CP candidate in august was not absent, but did lacking enough time for being CP. But that has nothing to do with this election doesn't it? Or do you think we must compare that PP of TUP to the coalition that puts forward Feist? I don't think so.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,812, 09:22

And the current CP backing a Vice CP who vanished shortly after? Or the TUP Congress leader who left before he took the job?

And he was absent...he had exams and was absent for two-three weeks ; ) not being around...thats absent if you look it up in the dictionary : D

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,812, 10:09

Unlucky Goku, all those hundreds of bought votes for about a 1% swing away from Talon. Given 3 of the top 6 are opposing him this time, and none did last, I'd say you actually made your candidate less likely to win than anything. Keep up the good work!

Orinocco Day 1,812, 12:06

thanks for turning up, but you might as well go home as the great Talon has all but wrapped it up and has it in the bag. goodbye till next month.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,812, 14:06

Ahhh theres the arrogance that we have come to know and love from TUP members. Personally i would like to say Congratulations to Talon if/when he wins...a well deserved victory.

Betafoxtrot Day 1,812, 14:39

TUP members? Or just one...?

Niemand Day 1,812, 22:45

@Dr Hugh Jardon: why you try to come up with new things even when you say you have proven your point?
I do not come up with new things about (members of) NE (like someone accepting CS of enemies of UK) because all parties have members that make failures. Some are mentioned enough isn't it?

About what you say being absent, CD was not absent when he had exams. He was not active on IRC but was active ingame.

Goku you missed one party that endorsed Talon and you missed 3 candidates.

Orinocco Day 1,813, 23:12

hugh, you have mixed up assurance with arrogance. i think you have let this little tiff with TUP cloud your judgement old chap.

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