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Last ARP week , goodby ARP

Day 2,002, 04:12 by ChristijanXD

Dear eAustrian , Hungarian , Croatian , Serebian and other citizent , this is last ARP day , 25.5.2013. ARP R.I.P.
New pp will be a CZM48 , my good RL friend.

Dear Balkan citizents:
1. Join to ARP
2. Vote CZM48
3. And you will be a kongres member

Every TIGERS have samo one dream , this is ARP.


TIGERS have a 30th votes
So Tigers - ASM 2-0
TIGERS - ARP 30 - 26



Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,002, 05:38

I approve this article.

Serebian xD

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 2,002, 05:50

As i always said, its just a PTO-Group! They just want to gain power and PTO the country!

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 05:53

Dont worry , SPO will deletle SPO ih Austrian citizents doesnt vote for CTM48!

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 2,002, 05:54

english or german please, i dont understand this kind of weired language

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 05:55

ARP is KJV Jerusalem.

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,002, 09:12

wtf you are doing christian?

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,002, 09:27

Ti si Djibin!

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 2,002, 05:52

"Serebian and other citizent"

Yoda was your englishteacher right? HAHAHAHAHAHA

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 06:03

Dear Louis , 5 months later Austrians will write Croatian languages.
Englesh or German - this is past.

yst31 Day 2,002, 07:53

I think you're right Luis,
-This is past-,you may think this quote is just a bad translated one,I think it's a deep philosophical unrest,which he has in his soul.While we're living the present,we're also living in the past.
How deep and perplexing,maybe too much for us,or maybe it's just something like this

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 08:40

TIGERS - ARP 30 - 26

yst31 Day 2,002, 08:43

How can you be so unbearable?

Harzakc Day 2,002, 09:03

Comment deleted

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,002, 09:20

its good fact about christijan that he is using just 1% of his brain to create these plans.. my mistake he doesnt have any brain

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 09:25

Krupanjac , pls stopl insuling

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 09:27

Krupanjac , you dont have a brai.

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,002, 09:37

or what you will do christian??? you will insult me on some alien language?

Harzakc Day 2,002, 09:03

Comment deleted

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,002, 09:28

Bez'te Djibini!

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 09:34

Lik je ljubomoran na nas apostole , vidi mu se na avataru da je đibin , ako br. 1999 nešto je predstavlja siči me di san naj tanji , to ti ja vlakić.

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,002, 09:38

na tebe da budem ljubomoran? daj ne zasmejavaj me.. kukao si dva meseca dok te nismo progurali u kongres.

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 09:40

Aj , ako si vucin apostol ostani ovde s nama , ako si Đibin biži iz države , ne ću te ja ode molit da ostaneš , ja san ima dobru namjeru , al Đibih špijuna je više s toga ne mogu na svaki kut pazit.

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,002, 09:45

video sam ja dovoljno tvojih planova da pomislim da imas defekt na mozgu..

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,002, 11:43

izgubiti kongres? smesan si koliko i taj tvoj "djibo", kongres da zelim mogu i u Srbiji imati.

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,002, 09:40

aman zabole me i za vaseg vucu i djibu.. sta ti nije jasno? zabole me

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 09:44

Vidi još i vođu vriđa , aj ostani u Austriji , ako si čovik , nema sad bižat , mogu i ja otić u Ameriku ili Finsku , tamo je apostolijada , al san odabra Austriju , zašto?
Zato jer Đibine triba sredit , ja iman plan 69. nikad mi nisi dozvolija da ti ga predstavin.

ChristijanXD Day 2,002, 11:20

Gazi Đibinu apostolijadu traktoron , krupanjac , ti i CEROVINA imate defekt na mozgu ili nemate mozak , šta je izgubit ćeš stranku i kongres pa bižiš u biti pritiš , znan ja da ti ne ideš nigdi.

Schwrzwolf Day 2,002, 11:31

tiegers show their true face once again. All loyal eAustrians know who not to vote for anyway, but this is another confirmation.

ZoltanB Day 2,002, 12:30

Why do you steal the party of an another community?

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,003, 10:39

he doesnt have anything with SPO anymore. He acting as he wants not as one of SPO member and he is remowed from any later political hapening in SPO.

gerrytd Day 2,003, 07:06

tigers seem to prove themselves to be a weirdheaded bunch of greedy guys over and over again; guess they lost their moral compass a long time ago. not realy surprised by this "outcoming"...

Krupanjac1389 Day 2,003, 10:40

soon he will be kicked out of TIGERS and SPO cuz he is doing all time just what he wants and bringing more troubles to SPO and TIGERS then good things

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