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[IUC]PTOs are good!

Day 1,828, 02:25 by Dranze R

Many think nothing good will ever happen from a PTO. Of the few who dont, new PP of India United, Shockwavve is one of them. After a sucessful PTO attempt, Shock and his cadre were seen celebrating victory at offshore Party HQ in Sin city Amsterdam. This now puts Shock in the august company of the likes of Restive, manii et al.

After the takeover, the party has seen a prolific rise in activity and this has shown in rise of party members. The party, the oldest and once largest party of eIndia hit rock-bottom when the party had won just 10 percent of congress last elections. The new PP promises all that to change this time.

Our correspondent had caught up with Shockwavve for a rendezvous. Excerpts from the interview at IRC-

<TheNewbCorrespondent>: Congratulations on your suceesful PTO.
<ShockWaves>: Who are you, TheNewbCorrespondent?
<TNC>: I'm here for your interview.
<SW>: Ok. I'm the official troll of eIndia, PP of India United, Lord of the House, Minister of Immigration,I have more titles but cant remember them.
<TNC>: What made you to evoke a PTO of India United?
<SW>: When there was bleak response to the review of our last meeting to asses our congress election performance, I reckoned enough has happened and decided to take matters into my own hands. When the Party High command refused my candidature as official entry for PP, thats when I decided to PTO. "The road to eHell is paved with good intentions." If I be banned, so be it.
<TNC>: Now that you are PP, what next?
<SW>: The job is only half done. Being a democracy, nothing can be done without citizens' approval. Getting our share of congress is the priority now. So I want the people to vote for us. I know its the same thing every party say, but i want the people to give us a chance to prove we are different than others.
Le WildQuark appears
<SW>: WildQuark
<WildQuark>: Shockwaves
<SW>: Are you hot?
<NueveOcho>: 'sup niggas?
<SW>: spanish spammer is here.
<N'98'O> Hola WQ
<WQ>: Hola N'98"O
<WQ>: como estas
<N'98'O>: Wildy, come to eSpain, I can get you CS.
<SW>: Ban this spanish spammer from this channel.
<N'98'O>: Shockpussy
Shockwaves kisses WildQuark
WildQuark slaps Shockwaves
<Primitive>: WQ, come to ePaki with me, I can get you CS right now.
<TNC>: Finally, What do you have to say to the people?
<SW>: Dont forget to vote on the congress elections. Your vote can do more damage than a rocket. So use it carefully on those who deserve it. Also I urge people to use the IRC and forums. They help us to stay together as a nation.
Shockwaves is known as Studywaves.

Any complaints from people who are offended by this article will not be entertained.


ShockWavve Day 1,828, 02:40

True story

vigorious Day 1,828, 02:50

very true

sumit399 Day 1,828, 02:52


SykoFk Day 1,828, 03:41


Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,828, 04:13

true indeed

Lonqu Day 1,828, 05:10


Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,828, 06:32


Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,828, 09:51

hmmmmmmm True

rhitik Day 1,828, 10:27


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,828, 11:07

tru dat

Mystela Day 1,828, 19:44


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