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[IA] Our anniversary and future

Day 1,881, 10:56 by Seanan

Members of the Irish Army,

Two days ago we celebrated our two year Anniversary as the Army at the heart of the New Era Ireland, with a string of unfortunate events concerning our supply capability, supply has been cut in order to not bankrupt the country and some placements in Q7 communes are no longer available - It is not the hopeless backdrop of the December 2010 wipe, but its still a perfect scenario for the Army to really show its purpose.

We have a rich history of struggle, against external and internal enemies, endured political interference and given reason to be proud Irish citizens amongst all the dark. These events have defined the principles of the Army; In service to Ireland, protector of the Dail Éireann under the guidance of the Taoiseach.

Our history is a true reflection of the courage of the Army's members - by all intents and purposes, we should not still exist; Our creation combined the two warring factions of Ireland, and brought a New Era of unity and direction. A minority did not support the change, it never stopped them joining the Army - but eventually, that divide resurfaced and the two warring factions were both back in existence. It was disheartening during this period; the pressure to continue the Army, despite the apparent failure in unity, is what eventually killed Nephworks and Reactionist, both great guys and hugely vital to the Army during that period. But, obviously, we are still here - because during that clash of factions and personalities, something new was born and we witnessed a different way to playing the game. There was an Army which members did not have to be subject to political battles and petty rivalry, they could fight for eIreland's interests decided by the country itself and not by a group of politicians.

Is there a reason for the history lesson?
The Army follows the directions of the Taoiseach because they are in the most informed position to make calls regarding progress towards Irish interests/goals. But who decides those goals? what is an Irish interest?

Before the Irish Army, those interests were determined by the Taoiseach, and their mandate - consequently orders often reflected a personal opinion. In many ways it lead to conflict, disputes over who had the authority to really know what our best interest were. For that reason, the Irish Army does not follow a mandate, this Army follows a national consensus - but has an acknowledgement of the advantage the Taoiseach holds when making a call to achieve the goals of that consensus. In this way, we avoid an individual's political opinion determining the action of the military - creating an Army which is truly apolitical.

Recently, I have heard many people express doubt whether the Irish Army is staying true to that apolitical aspect - stopping military unity. To that, I'd say it was much easier to know what the national consensus was, when we were part of EDEN. Giving an example: If a CP ordered against an EDEN country with intent to harm, then it was very obvious that the order is reflecting a personal opinion. In the same sense, if a CP ordered the Army to vote for a candidate in Party President elections which was not under a PTO threat, then the order is not carried out.

This is not to alienate anyone, nor does it stop us representing the State (who in turn represents the people) but to maintain the link between State and People, offering an establishment which anyone can join. There is only one criteria; Respect for Ireland. And Ireland is more than just one individual. This is why I believe despite these hard times, we will continue to rise above all personal agendas because we fight for something more than ourselves - we fight for the entire community.

I am a Founder of the Army, maybe that is what is needed right now (a bit of old school) to reignite the purpose of why we are here and build confidence in the State army - but those who know me, know how little worth I put on titles. Founder or not, the Irish Army is defined by those who support it - and they are measured by action.

These last fews days have been disappointing for many in the Army - understandably so, we are here to fight for Ireland but lack of guns is always going to temper that passion with ice cold indifference. I will strive to improve the supply situation with the support of many loyal Irishmen - and loyalty is certainly tested during these moments, I'm glad to say I fight along side some fine fellows.

I have been humbled by the many players, those in the Army and those not, who have promised to invest into the Army; providing Communes, helping pay for Q7 weapon production, donating parts of their production to the Irish Army. Those who see that the Irish Army is something worth keeping.

This is not the officer update I was intending to write, or my ideas on how to best counter our supply issues - those I will write in the next few hours, but I felt I should share some perceptive of why I believe the Irish Army is something worth getting behind - hopefully doesn't sound too preachy ;)

Always in the Fight o7


Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,881, 11:26

Always in the Fight no matter of supplies o7

asecondchance Day 1,881, 11:33


Digitsss Day 1,881, 12:52

You so soft and loveable Seanan :p

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,881, 15:05


Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,881, 18:07

We're really luck to have an MU like the IA. This organization is even more special when you look around the New World and realize just how rare it is to see a true national military unit, free of political interference and empowered by an entire nation rallied behind it.


AppleMan Day 1,881, 22:28


BiednyMis Day 1,882, 04:26


MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,882, 05:30

Agreed with Ian o7
Nice article Seanan, thanks for all the hours of devotion. The IA wouldn't of made it without u o7

Persepolis.Persia Day 1,882, 11:46


Klynn Day 1,883, 05:58


IamGawain Day 1,883, 09:46

Self Sufficient is one of the best policy's.

DavidandLisa Mc Glynn
DavidandLisa Mc Glynn Day 2,042, 18:04

when im a bit higher and bringen in more resources i will donate to the Party but i need help to find my way and building in the game before anything else

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