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(Feds) Dennis McVicker Interveiw.

Day 1,841, 06:20 by kody5

Hello everybody. The Feds quite Recently asked everybody in the forum if they would like to interview a certain known Fed. I chose Dennis McVicker.
So here is the short interview we had together.

Me: First. quite recently you moved to Australia.
Why did you move and change your Citizenship?
Why did you leave the Feds?

DmV: I moved and changed my citizenship to help a long time friend who was running for PM (CP) in eAustralia. The move is temporary, and I will be returning to the eUS in the next couple of days. I am still a Fed and will be rejoining the party upon returning to the eUS.

me: good. i was going to be sad if you left for good :p
next is for the old days.
you've ran for president once or twice.
what was it like to almost be president?
will you ever run again?

DmV. Well, I was never almost President I ran with the intention of getting my ideas heard and having fun. I had no expectations of winning at the time, I was running against two very well entrenched candidates when I decided to declare. As far as running again goes I will not count it out, but it will not be anytime soon.

Me: I would Vote for you :p
You've been around since at least 2010.

What was the best party you have ever joined?
What is your favorite thing about E-Republik?

Thanks, I appreciate the support.

My favorite party would be a tie, I loved running the Libertarian Party back in the good old days, but I really found my home with the Feds.

My favorite thing about eRep is definitely the people, but I also like that the game is constantly changing so you have to adapt to those changes.

What's your opinion on the current pto, unity elections, wars and foreign decisions?

DmV: The PTO is quite serious to be totally honest. We're fighting an uphill battle against overwhelming odds. While the bonus reductions have slowed growth, they are not solving the problem. We need to take a hard look at the tactics they are using against us and get proactive with how we fight back. There needs to be a concerted effort to fight them with the same tactics they use against us. That includes a propaganda campaign that is both ruthless and convincing, but we also need to adopt guerrilla warfare tactics that may be less appealing to people.

Unity elections help prevent the AFA from taking the presidency, but at the same time it creates an environment that actually helps the AFA make some of their claims against the government while also negatively impacting activity by removing a part of the game people enjoy.

Wars have been rather boring as of late, we really need a strong offensive campaign soon in order to bolster our activity rates. As far as foreign affairs go we have not seen a lot that has been surprising as of late, but I guarantee that will change rather quickly in the very near future. Other than Brazil's war with RoC not a lot has been happening that has been uncharacteristic in foreign affairs, at least on the surface.

Me: Would you consider multis on our side?

If our country is taken by the PTO what would you support doing?

I know some people suggest moving to a different county and wiping the US.

DmV: I think we must consider it, but only as a last resort. I think we should first focus on events that could help with a babyboom, and if that does not work we should try more unconventional options. If our country is taken by PTO we only really have two options. We either stay and fight, or we pack up and move to another country. Wiping the eUS only helps us if we keep it wiped permanently because the moment we unwipe it immigration opens up and we would risk more PTOers moving in. A decent alternative would be to reduce the eUS down to one region until we force the PTOers out.

Me: alright. one last question.
From your beginning to start.
what have you always wanted to do with this game?

Have fun mostly, but I would like to make a lasting impact on how players view government and social responsibiliy.

Me: I hope you do. this game could use it :p

Thats all folks!
I hope you enjoyed learning about one of Americas Legendary citizens and a Legendary Fed!
Stay Proud, Stay Horny.
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kody5 Day 1,841, 06:20

First reserved for the Oldfags!

fingerguns Day 1,841, 06:44

Great interview! Well done, kody

Ramilas Day 1,841, 06:45

Well done kody5! P/H!

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,841, 06:51

Great article. Good to hear he's coming back.

Magnanimous Day 1,841, 08:25

Good interview. Well done.

Iamnameless Day 1,841, 14:16

Good interview.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,841, 14:19

Nice interview, Kody.


DMV is awesome!

kody5 Day 1,841, 14:50

DMV approves! lol

DMV3 Day 1,841, 14:56

It was a fun interview.

BritSeelowe Day 1,841, 17:00

Nice job! V!

kody5 Day 1,841, 18:00

Most votes i ever gotten o7

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,842, 23:18

Voted for DMV!!

vergolian Day 1,842, 23:56

I was very grateful to Dennis to make the move to eAus to help in my administration, but alas it was not meant to be. As it turns out, the events that took us there enabled me to go with him to the eUS and be part of a new beginning. So in the end, it turned out better for everyone o/

The Valeyard
The Valeyard Day 1,842, 02:50

good interview

Indrae Day 1,842, 10:48

Good interview. I've known DMV for a long time, back when we were both in the Lib Party. Great guy.

Candor Day 1,842, 20:36

vvvvvvvvvvv i n

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