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(Feds and EZC) Interview with the Commander. ( Deepchill )

Day 1,846, 19:47 by kody5

Hello Everybody.
Another Fed and EZC interview Today.
With DeepChill.
The Co of Easy Company.

( ME )
I got you for the Fed Interview.
want to start now? :p

( Deepchill )
NOOOO, I always refused them before...

But it will be a pleasure doing that one.

I'll be on my iphone all weekend, so it may take me a bit of time replying to you, but go ahead, make my day.

Good :p
and thats ok.
First id like to go back to when you started.
When did you join?
Who was president?
what was your first MU choice and party Choice?

When did you join?

I started playing erep in march 2010. A RL eCanadian friend introduced me to the game (Raw784). As a RL eAmerican working on a special contract in Montreal Canada, we had interesting discussions on the leadership of our respective countries. He finally gave up, left eCanada and is he now a proud member of EZC.

Who was president?

PigInZen was president at that time, who also was a member of EZC until a couple of days ago. Too bad he left for Pakistan, it was special having my first president in our MU.

what was your first MU choice and party Choice?

Since I am an old fag, there were no MU at that time, just organized groups. As most new players at that time I joined the US Training Corp. Lots of fun and very well organized, from there, graduated all the way to the Marines.

As far as my party choice,I've always been a FED. I was working with Oblige, who was POTUS at that time in the eUnited States Citizens MU when he strongly suggested I join the FEDs, great suggestion, thanks Oblige.

we arnt to far apart on E-Born dates.
I started February 2nd. 2010 :p

How did you become the CO of the Best MU in America?

I left the Marines when the JCS-Gov split happened. I wanted to stay neutral during that painful split, so I joined eUSA Citizen MU. Had a great time helping new players and giving them tips to survive. I got a PM from Gnilraps asking me to join EZC. Since EZC is a neutral MU, it was a logical move for me. After a couple of months, Gnilraps promoted me to XO. After Gnilraps decided to step down as CO and Stewy being too busy at that time to accept the honors, I agreed to become EZC's Commander.

i dont see you much in the political scene.
No plans on becoming anything with the Feds?

Would love to get a peek at congress, never been there and I think it would add another dimension to my experience. Other than that, there is way too much work right now overseeing EZC to be able to go full force with the FEDs. I do keep myself very well informed on everything that is going on with the FEDS. You may not see too many posts from me on the forum, but I'm there, read all posts and participate in all polls.

What do you have to do n a day to day basis to Keep EZC running smooth and on top every week?

On a typical day, I wake up at 4:00am (weekdays) for work. Check out the DO, answer any urgent PMs (I get between 10 and 20 PMs a day) and take a quick look at the wall. From there I log on about 6 or 7 times to monitor the situation before night time. At night time I check out every Regiment for movement (new or lost members), answer all PMs, send out Regiment move notice for members that just leveled to a new fighting division, members inactivity. Once a week, I go through every member one by one for activity change (changed party, citizenship, uniform on or off) and keep note of it. Then again, once a month there is the Captain's evaluations and Captain's applications to review.

you should let me be captain this month :p

Whats your Goal for Ezc and the Feds?
Just 1 Goal

We do a rotation and you almost made it last month, so you are at the top of the list this month, expect it.

Answer to your question:

For both EZC and the FEd, to make it the most enjoyable and fun place to play erep.

Who Influenced you the most in your e-Life?

As an eBaby:
Angelini, my first big boss
Bia Pandora, my first General

As an eTeen:
Bombonato, my V2 commander, fun times
Avruch, Ranger CO, great memories

As an eAdult:
Oblige, the reason I am a P/H Fed
Gnilraps, the reason I am in EZC

And thats the End!

Stay P/H!.
And Always CURRAHEE!



kody5 Day 1,846, 19:54


stewy Day 1,846, 20:30

Hmm, i know that guy o7 CURRAHEE

Magnanimous Day 1,846, 20:32

Nice article. Voted

bigcdizzle Day 1,847, 01:07

Awesome stuff. Deepchill is a hell of a commander.


weezo1 Day 1,847, 01:25

Pas sûr si c'est sérieux.... ou trolling.

Nahhh, joking Awesome job Kody5 \o/


DariusReg Day 1,847, 02:17


Vijalob Day 1,847, 02:31


KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Day 1,847, 04:31


Ramilas Day 1,847, 05:54


fingerguns Day 1,847, 06:06


One Sky
One Sky Day 1,847, 06:23

o7 deepchill

MaestroAkel Day 1,847, 10:15


jmoneytizzle Day 1,847, 12:14


General Robert Lee
General Robert Lee Day 1,847, 13:08


KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,847, 13:55


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