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[Fed] Recruitment and Retention New Programs!

Day 2,182, 13:35 by Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow Federalists!

I know this might be strange but it is the first time I publish an article in a while. Are you excited?! Now getting back on track, since I’ve joined the Federalist Party back I think… 3 or so months ago? There have been a lot of changes!

I come to you today to give you an overview of what the Federalist Party Recruitment and Retention Department have been doing. Before Melissa Rose became Party President, it was just Recruitment, but both departments were merged and I was made in charge of them.

The party has been growing, slowly just like any other party but the competition is stiff. All top 5 parties do everything they can in order to attract the new players and have new blood within the party who will, hopefully take over the reins of the party one day after proper training. This is important as we are a party with our thoughts solely for the community.

Therefore I am happy to announce you a Program both Recruitment/Retention Department and the Fun department already started! I am talking about the “No Fed Left Behind” Program!

The Federalist Party, having in consideration the needs of the new players, is supplying all party members with the following options:

Option 1: 100 Q5 food

Option 2: 50 Q5 food and 5 Q7 tanks


- Be a Federalist Party member

- Have a level below or equal to 29.

If you want to receive your help from this program, feel free to fill your request here:

Mentoring Program

Still concerned about the well being of the new players and having in consideration that eRepublik can be a quite confusing game at the beginning, the Federalist Party is now reviving a brand new Mentoring System!

You still have a long way to go young Padawan

This system will allow the oldest and most experienced party members to teach the new players who actually want a more personalized help. We will be teaching the new players about game mechanics, the media module, the political module, the economic module and a bit of some specific fed party questions! In the end, the new players will be submit to a final quiz to prove their knowledge. Should the new player pass this quiz with remarkable grade, there will be a good reward in cash, tanks and food in the end! Also… a recommendation for the department of the best skill shown by the new player!

If you are new and you feel you need a more personalized help, feel free to apply for the Mentoring Program here:

You can also contact any of the following players since they are the current Mentors:

Dr Luis Sentieiro

Don’t forget to register yourself in the Federalist Party Forums here:

Also if you are new, don’t forget to visit the new Federalist Party Welcoming Center! In there you will find a brief resume with each party job description as well as the current placeholders, links for the Department of Interior programs, links for the Federalist Party programs and links for the Department of Education tutorials.

A bit of innovation!

I am happy to announce that the Federalist Party is possibly the first party to provide video tutorials to it’s new players! You will find these tutorials at our Welcoming Center! Don’t forget to visit it here:

Recruitment/Retention Department Statistics and Conclusions

Last but not the least, the Recruitment/Retention department runs weekly statistics for the rest of the leadership to have a balance about the party growth versus the bleed out of players that has been happening around the country. I cannot divulge the numbers since I am bound to the privacy clause of the Federalist Leadership but I can give you some interesting conclusions from what has been happening over the past weeks!

1. All the top 5 parties are losing more members than the ones they actually manage to recruit.

2. Inside the universe that is the new players who join eUSA daily, only around 7 - 9% of this new players join a political party and have any sort of activity, even if just as two clickers.

3. 91 to 93% of the new players never join a political party or a military unit.

4. The number of new players per day ALWAYS spikes a few days before each election.

Thank you for all your time and i really hope you have enjoyed your read!

Stay Proud and Horny Federalists!

Best regards from your Recruitment/Retention Director Dr Luis Sentieiro!



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 2,182, 13:41

First denied for the P/H Feds!

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 2,182, 13:50


crashthompson Day 2,182, 13:50

R&R kicking butt!!!


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,182, 17:26

RGR kicking butt indeed!!

crashthompson Day 2,182, 17:51

Need glasses in order to read and make out basic symbols?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,182, 17:52

You made a typo, you meant RGR

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 2,182, 22:58

Utter garbage comment. You forgot to take your pills huh RGR?

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 2,183, 15:52

Also... you're forgetting you have been failing at recruitment. I looked over the numbers.... they're not favorable to you.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,183, 20:47

No crap Luis, you propagandize Newbs.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 2,184, 09:06

Lol. I'm not the one begging them to join my party and annoying them with more than one message. I send a message and allow them to choose. Or are you shocked that you have to recur to annoying means to actually get people in your terrorist party that you prefer to call my means by allowing people to chose "propaganda"? Or perhaps you're even more shocked that none of them actually buys your crap. xD

Sorry, hard truth must be said. I still haven't forgot you threatened me to call the authorities in case I didn't stop messaging them. You know... that one actually made my day for how ridiculous it was. xD Didn't think you'd go that low. But honestly... if you wanna call the authorities, be my guest. xD We'll see who gets arrested first. I'm sure it will be you since I got nothing to hide.

AlexJ1890 Day 2,182, 14:55


Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Day 2,182, 16:06

Feds will rock your world.

twisted-pixel Day 2,183, 00:00


Dr. Strangeluve
Dr. Strangeluve Day 2,183, 02:26

always doing good job DLS!

Sle7en Day 2,183, 04:02

P/H Feds ! o/

Oliver Q
Oliver Q Day 2,183, 04:29

voted P/H

General Bonaparte
General Bonaparte Day 2,183, 05:18

I like your ideas.
Help thw future

Squantoo Day 2,183, 08:55

heh, nice job feds

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 2,183, 15:08

Feds! o/

TheRomanWarrior Day 2,183, 15:41


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