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Day 1,688, 19:09 by Luis Nordmann
Hello eAmerican public

As promised in the previous editions of "The Drunk Donkey", we are publishing now an interview with one of our Country President candidates: Glove

He's an old and experienced player full of history and a powerfull candidate to our country presidency. This presidentials are going to be interesting, on one side we have Glove and on the other side, Evry.

For the record I'd like to remain clear that I'm playing the role of interviewer and only interviewer, this interviews are meant to be impartial and my opinion or whoever I support will remain with me.

So here we proceed with the interview:

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Hello Glove, how are you?

Glove - I am well, and yourself?

Dr Luis Sentieiro - I'm okay. With all your experienced cited on your articles and in the Presidential Library on forum since you were POTUS twice before, what made you run for our Country President?

Glove - I returned to America two months ago to discover it in shambles. There were no opposition candidates, elections were a joke favouring only one candidate. People were complacent and no longer cared. Then I returned, and I think people are finally starting to wake up.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What do you think about Israel Stevens last administration?

Glove - I think his biggest failure was signing the NAP with Poland, without telling ANYONE. This NAP was a very bad deal for our allies, and only saved our butts. Now our reputation amongst our allies has been thrown away just so we would be safe. This was a cowardly move, it is a game, act like it.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What areas do you think are critical to improve in our government and our country?

Glove - Complacency and innovation. We have had the same people in government since forever, and unfortunately the ruling powers think only those with long tenures can serve the government. This mentality needs to change, and I will change it if elected.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What areas do you think are critical to improve in our government and our country?

Glove - The NAP with Spain and Poland sold 9 of our allies. Nine. Our government didnt bother to mention these NAPs to our allies and they only served our own selfish interest. Now both Spain and Poland have complete domination of Europe because of these NAPs. Very bad decisions.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Assuming you win the Presidential elections, do you intend to run for a second term? If so, what long term changes do you have in mind that might require a second term?

Glove - No, I will not run a second term.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - In your opinion, during your eLife, who was the most competent Country President and why?

Glove - St Krems and Emerick. They understood it was a game, but they were also good statesman, and always sought to make good deals and work closely with our allies in coordinated campaigns.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Do you have any problem with any other Country President candidate or any other American politician? If so, tell us why.

Glove - I didn't have a problem with Evry up until you decided not to offer any new ideas and instead made it his whole campaign to run a smear campaign. Its clear he doesnt know what he is doing so hes just trying to make me look bad with hopes that this will blind the American voter. Also, I do not like Pfeiffer's controlling ways.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - I’ve heard you have a lot of sugestions in mind and you are really commited to help this country, what new measures do you have to place on the table?

Glove - My number one priority is restoring our allies, both on the battleground and spiritually. These last few months our presidents have had a "every country for himself" mentality, and this is wrong and is not how the game is meant to be played.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - If you have a message to any other Country President candidates, please do so.

Glove - I've spoken enough about Evry, he is not worth my words. But I would like to give a shout-out to presidential candidates Jazar (Brazil) and Rylde (Canada). I hope to work with you guys next month!

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What do you mean when you say "Glove is Love" since it is your campaign slogan?

Glove - Glove is Love is a slogan I came up with long ago. Traditionally I have been known to be a pretty nice guy, but if you disrespect me, that can change very quickly. But I have always put the nation and our allies first, so I think thats why the slogan fits well.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - If you have a message for the public, either American or International, please do so.

Glove - Remember that this is a game, the government isnt real, the currency isnt, the battleground isnt, only the players are. Win the players, and you win the game.

Glove, thank you for your time. Now since we got to know the ideals of one of our Country President candidates, you, American public, feel free to vote, sub, comment and give opinions and remenber, it'll be all listened.

In our next "The Drunk Donkey" edition we'll have Evry interviewed.

Thank you

Dr Luis Sentieiro
"The Drunk Donkey" press director.



ReirZ Day 1,688, 20:15

All I read whenever Glove speaks is:

"Yes, eUSA is spiraling downward into the lake of fire, _____ is a horrible president because of the NAP. Ontop of the current issues of the eUSA is the NAP. I would like to add some criticism on the NAP, while topping it off with some discussion on the NAP. Also, my campaign against other runners is to keep bringing up the NAP, and the next important issue - the NAP."

Cue applauding.

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,688, 23:06

@USMCFields: Glove speaks the truth. In case you didn't notice, the tides are turning and America hasn't exactly done well recently with it's lack of transparency and it's poor foreign policy. I remember the Glove Presidencies (I actually ran AGAINST him his first term March 2011, but became a strong supporter) and he won my support.

He's capable and committed. Glove will have my vote over any of the other available candidates because I believe he's the best man for the job.

Great article!

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