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Day 1,689, 02:39 by Luis Nordmann
Hello fellow eAmerican public

As determinated on the last "The Drunk Donkey" edition, we are interviewing another Presidential candidate: Evry. There's a differance now because we are already with the election process on the run. As far as I could see until now, Evry is winning by a small margin of votes. Will the tendence still the same until the end of the day or will Glove find enough supporters to overcome this?

Stay tuned with the giants duel in this amazing Presidential Elections!! :D

One again I would like to remind I'm only playing the role of interviewer and my opinion will remain with me.

Now let's get to our interview:

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Hello Evry, how are you?

Evry - I’m excited about the upcoming elections. :)

Dr Luis Sentieiro - With all your experienced cited on your articles, what made you run for our Country President?

Evry - It’s been a goal of mine for a little while now. I believe I’m the most qualified person for the position and that I can and will make a difference.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What do you think about Israel Stevens last administration?

Evry - I believe IS did a fairly good job as President. There are a few things I would like to improve upon, namely his communication breakdowns with the Department of Defense.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What areas do you think are critical to improve in our government and our country?

Evry - Communication and the Fun Factor. Communication between different areas of government has been poor at best in recent times. This needs to change, and it needs to happen sooner rather than later. In regards to the “fun factor”, complacency is a huge growing problem which is causing the loss of players, loss of military strength, and loss of talent willing to do what needs to be done. I hope to fix that via the Smile Squad among other smaller initiatives.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Some people mention our foreign relations are a little bad, can you give us a comment regarding that?

Evry - I view our relations with other countries as good. People like us, and that’s a good thing. Of course, some people think that we’re not doing enough to support our allies as evidenced by our NAPs with Poland and Spain. My counter argument is that we have allowed our allies to gain citizenship in our country in order to boost their commune production. By signing those NAPs we have enabled ourselves to hold onto the vital resources necessary for our allies to produce lots and lots of weapons and food.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Assuming you win the Presidential elections, do you intend to run for a second term? If so, what long term changes do you have in mind that might require a second term?

Evry - I won’t make any decisions on the August 5th elections until I get a lot closer. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - You have gained the endorsement of American Military Party and you are running under their banner, I ask, do you intend to stay as a full time AMP member?

Evry - I quite possibly may stay in the AMP. The support I’ve received from them has been amazing and I will need to consider my options.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - In your opinion, during your eLife, who was the most competent Country President and why?

Evry - I’d probably have to go with Josh Frost. He managed to both entertain the country while also achieving all our military, economic, and foreign affairs goals.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Do you have any problem with any other Country President candidate or any other American politician? If so, tell us why.

Evry - I have problems with a few politicians including Pfeiffer, Oblige, and Glove among many others. Some problems are bigger than others including past actions (in Glove’s case from spending the entire budget on losing the country), some include a constant pattern of obnoxiousness (Pfeiffer), and some are based on a few questionable decisions (Oblige).

Dr Luis Sentieiro - I’ve heard you have a lot of innovation in mind, besides the government restructuration, what new measures do you have to place on the table?

Evry - Besides my potentially groundbreaking triple VP idea, I’ve also resurrected the Department of Fun and renamed it the Smile Squad. I’ve got a few other smaller initiatives and focuses that’ll become apparent once I take over, if I’m elected.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Your campaign slogan is “Killing with Kindness”, what does it mean to the American Public and to you?

Evry - It means a few things. It means that we’ll be KILLING our enemies, communicating WITH our allies and our countrymen, and treating our own citizens with KINDNESS.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - If you have a message to any other Country President candidates, please do so.

Evry - I do ask for Glove to think before spending cash this time around if he wins. Last time was completely irresponsible and resulted in catastrophic results.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - If you have a message for the public, either American or International, please do so.

Evry - I ask my fellow americans to look at my resume, and my ideas and to actually consider what I have to offer before passing judgement. Thank you.

Evry, thank you for your time answering this questions. Now to the american public, feel free to sub, vote and comment and also, don't forget to VOTE on this elections and choose your candidate wisely.

In our next edition of "The Drunk Donkey" we will make a comment about the election results and we will continue our interviews with the party presidents.

Thank you

Dr Luis Sentieiro
"The Drunk Donkey" Press director


Check This Day 1,689, 03:12

Comment deleted

Do Drew
Do Drew Day 1,689, 03:33

Vote for GloveIsLove !

XOMan Day 1,689, 03:34

Comment deleted

Ignas2526 Day 1,689, 04:25

Evry for president!

Vampire Bella
Vampire Bella Day 1,689, 08:22

Glove for PoTUS

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