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[ESO] Eat Some Omelette: Grab your free things!

Day 1,872, 18:46 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by jamesw

Eat Some Omelette is the recently launched initiative from ESO, (as outlined here where any UK players can request food, money or weapons.

The previous limits where: UK Citizens levels 25 and under (one 'omelette' per week). I'd like to announce that we have since extended this, we will now offer these free things to all UK citizens levels 29 and under. Instead of being able to request them once per week, we will now allow citizens to request once per article. This will mean that you can bag yourself one of these omelettes around once every two days.

As previous mentioned, we offer three 'omelettes'
- Food omelette, 5500 wellness of food.
- Iron omelette, 17 Q7 weapons
- Money omelette, 250 GBP.

Eat Some Omelette is funded, administered and advertised by ESO members, and offers the chance for all UK players, regardless of party, the chance for free supplies to upgrade their buildings, fight more, or do more damage whilst hunting for Battle Hero medals. Other parties may offer more, but this is the only party-run scheme which does not require party or MU membership for its rewards; so once again, remember it doesn't matter if you are an ESO member or not, apply by commenting below which 'omelette' you want.

If you are new to the UK, and need advice or help in any form, you can simply message me and I will do my best to help you.

Otherwise, you can leave any comments you have about your experience of eRepublik so far on this article. Your experiences will help the UK by showing government(s) what they can do better, or where they should focus, to help new players in the future.


jamesw Day 1,872, 18:46

Omelette for all!

TemujinBC Day 1,872, 18:51

This is an excellent initiative ~_^

FightAndProduce Day 1,873, 01:10

Iron Omelette please .

LongShotzZ Day 1,873, 02:00

Money omelette please!

TheAlmightyLlama Day 1,873, 03:14

Money omelette please.

T White II
T White II Day 1,873, 03:41

Money omelette please.


William Ross
William Ross Day 1,873, 04:23

Money omelette cheers

JoshWS Day 1,873, 05:04

Money omelette please

AlexLloyd Day 1,873, 05:16

money omelette please

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Day 1,873, 05:40

money omlette please

Fritz179 Day 1,873, 06:01

money omellet please

i.feliz Day 1,873, 06:38

Iron omelette, please

Valeviko Day 1,873, 11:07

Iron omelette, please

Saiwun Day 1,873, 11:12

Money omelette please!

Andriy Hanusyn
Andriy Hanusyn Day 1,873, 11:15

Money omelette please

Verygamer747 Day 1,873, 11:33

money omellet please

White Wolf Ua
White Wolf Ua Day 1,873, 11:57

v13 s1134

ED 80
ED 80 Day 1,873, 12:02

v14 s1135

Andriy Beregulyak
Andriy Beregulyak Day 1,873, 12:06

Money omelette please

Mikita Charakternik
Mikita Charakternik Day 1,873, 12:11

Money omelette please

PaulMoadibe Day 1,873, 13:07

show me the money omelette..

m55uds Day 1,873, 13:18

money omelette , please and thank you

Caoticwtf Day 1,873, 13:25

Money omelette please

Zordacz Day 1,873, 15:30

Money omelette please

John Maverick
John Maverick Day 1,873, 16:17

iron omelet, please!

Sliversun Day 1,873, 20:35

Money omelet please

Igoreckkkk Day 1,873, 22:51

Money omelet please

dante643 Day 1,873, 23:22

money omelet please

Dekas1 Day 1,873, 23:27

money omelet please

heisenbergi Day 1,873, 23:54

v374 s1140

BlueSun22 Day 1,874, 01:44

money omelet please

vl125 Day 1,874, 03:20

money please, already voted and subbed

ojohnnyss Day 1,874, 04:07


MemfisANK Day 1,874, 05:53


Rimpim Day 1,874, 06:01

v380 money omelette please

Horatio I
Horatio I Day 1,874, 08:43

v384, s1143, Food Omelette please ^^

Onur Kartal
Onur Kartal Day 1,874, 09:38

money omelette please

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,874, 10:37

I love omelettes

Elisa Vorimberg
Elisa Vorimberg Day 1,874, 10:57

Iron omelette please

DoveOfPeace Day 1,874, 10:58

v389 s1145 food omelette pleace

surferdude Day 1,874, 11:36

money omlett please

Crustymango Day 1,874, 12:04

Money Omelette please

Fataliix Day 1,874, 12:37

Money omelette please.

oFredV Day 1,874, 12:43

Money omelette please

Brocherboy Day 1,875, 02:43

Money Omelette please

takiy klasny
takiy klasny Day 1,875, 04:49

Iron omelette, please

Morse code
Morse code Day 1,875, 05:40

Money omelette please

JoshWS Day 1,876, 09:01

Money omelette please

prostokreten Day 1,876, 10:09

Money omelette please

Kanati Day 1,876, 10:29

Money omelette please v400

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