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[DoD] National Strike for Colombia!

Day 1,945, 07:38 by Irish Department of Defence

These weekly community events are looking for sponsors! If you're interested in sponsoring, please contact Seanan.

This weekend we fought for our friends in Colombia!

Division 3

Josep Moragues making an effort!

sir adriano prette -
MrConway -

Division 4

MikiST, Uljanov and Val3s OBrien (der St paddy) putting down some good damage!

Winston Hope Smith -
Chewchewshoe -

Solid turn out - but next weekend, lets get more bodies attending these community events! Also: LOOKING FOR SPONSORS! Contact Seanan!

Minister of Defence


ian arbuckle
ian arbuckle Day 1,945, 15:43

The heck the Colombians up to these days?

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