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[Crusade] Glory to Dio! Death to Swedes!

Day 1,580, 16:41 by Seanan

Irish elections; the race between Winston Hope Smith and Ethel Rosenberg... or more importantly (as both their manifestos were basically the same) the "Non-ICA" candidate vs The "ICA" candidate. This is an in-depth look into the results of Winston's victory and its consequent effect on my two favourite opposing-factions.

I have decided to start using my old disclaimer:
These ignorant, arrogant, bigoted and shameless cartoons do not represent the views of the author, the Irish Government, Viktor Kurgan or the real facts. However, they are not far off and should likely be taken very seriously.

Obviously, alot of grey areas in the "camp" mentality; should there be individuals in such groups who feel this does not represent them... really don't care tbh, its not the truth - its a fabrication, the continuation of existing stereotypes, the ugly face of Irish politics. It is for the amusement of those brave soles who stand in the middle ground, which I'm glad to say many members of this government currently reside.



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