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[CP] Together again! + Cabinet

Day 2,086, 16:09 by chukcha

Dear citizens of Switzerland,

Firstly, I want to thank to everyone that voted for me and for the support I received. I am happy you are glad to trust me for a second time in a row to lead our country in these hard times. Once again, we're gonna be working tirelessly for productive and successful term, cause this is what we always aim for.
In the next few days, we're gonna hold a cabinet meeting, after which I am going to write a presidential adress, cause we're going to discuss important things. Expect more information about the referendum in my next articles.
We're gonna continue the tradition with the weekly reports from each ministry.
With the next article I am going to inform you about their schedules.

The cabinet I am going to be working with

Official Swiss Watchdog: Rican

[MoFA]Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Jason Welsh
[vMoFA]vice Minister of Foreign Affairs - Trogdorthetroll100

[DoE]Director of Embassies - remi.remi

[MoD] Minister of Defence: - dyplomata z krakowa
[vMoD]vice Minister of Defence - Glarner
[vMoD]vice Minister of Defence - Benjamin Doverton
[vMoD]vice Minister of Defence - Get What I Can

[MoHS]Ministry of Home Security - sgtchewy

[MoF]Ministry of Finance - Hale Kane

If you are not in the cabinet, but you have the time and the will to - feel free to send me a PM.
I am looking forward looking with everyone which aim is making eSwitzerland a better place.
(Note: There is no Minister of Information, as I’ll be requesting from each ministry one article/week.)
(Note 2: I am looking for a Minister of Education, that would do some guides that we will include into the the updated citizen message.)

So, thank you all again for voting and I'm sure our shared path will be a pleasant one.



Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,086, 16:09

HAIL Switzerland

Thedillpickl Day 2,086, 16:59

Good team.

Glarner Day 2,086, 17:02

Let's do our job to make Switzerland a better place.

Rican Day 2,086, 22:20

Let's do our job to make Switzerland a better place.
X 2

NikolayMilev Day 2,087, 04:17


Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 2,087, 04:22

Great work!

Cronoss Day 2,087, 06:29

Lamest CP ever, 4 medals and he don`t know the game mechanics.

L A M E!!!

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,087, 07:36


Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Day 2,087, 12:21

/Me throws the watchdog a bone.


/Me skates off with all the Swiss riches.


Rican Day 2,087, 15:38

/me buries the bone up ur ass

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