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[CP] Reward Payment List (repost)

Day 2,430, 03:17 Published in Malaysia Chile by Khairunnaim Khairuddin

Even though we already stop counting 'damage reward' @500%, our government will continue full supply for our TW..we still have 2 more war (at sarawak)..please use this opportunity to improve everyone personal milestone..

Please paste your print screen at comment area or directly PM me..

example print screen :


1. Name: Amli Nujhan
total percentage : 524.25%
total damage: 269 million
total reward: 10,760cc (paid)

2. Name: Khairunnaim Khairuddin
total percentage : 514.37%
total damage: 214.9mill
total reward:8,560cc (paid)

3. Name: FarhanIzzuddinIV
total percentage : 315.72%
total damage: 130million
total reward: 5,200cc (paid)

4. Name: Hazwani Hanum Hashim
total percentage : 477.49%
total damage: 164million
total reward: 6,560 (paid)

5. Name: Undark
total percentage : 504.97%
total damage: 198million
total reward: 7920cc (paid)

6. Name: Lee Yee Hung
total percentage : 86.42%
total damage: 2.394mill
total reward: 300cc + 80cc = 380cc (paid)

7. Name : ZulSyauqi Zsz
total percentage : 410.05%
total damage : 5.3 million
total reward : 300cc +200cc = 500cc (paid)

8. Name : indigo105
total percentage : 397.48%
total damage : 2.2 million
total reward : 380cc (80cc + 300cc) - strength 1k (paid)

9. Name: Fxal
total percentage : 84.84%
total damage: 25.76million
total reward: 1000cc (paid)

10. Name: cokelatcelup
total percentage : 335.75%
total damage: 7.2million
total reward: 300cc + 280cc = 580cc (paid)

11. Name: Lemang Jarz
total percentage : 747.37
total damage: 8.7million
total reward: 300cc + 360cc = 660cc (paid)

12. Name: clanky4
total percentage : 127.29%
total damage: 16million
total reward:640cc (paid)

13. Name: KapitaN KiD
total percentage : 89.62%
total damage: 22.6million
total reward: 880cc (paid)

14. Name: Nicole89
total percentage : 220.42%
total damage: 40million
total reward: 1,600cc (paid)

15. Name: Tea D Bombay
total percentage : 1283.46%
total damage: 549.4million
total reward: 21,960cc (paid)

16. Name: Slorped
total percentage : 110%
total damage: 8.2million
total reward: 300 + 320cc = 620cc (paid)

17. Name: Don Milli
total percentage : 474.10%
total damage: 304.9million
total reward: 12,160cc (paid)

18. Name: BafraliKartal TR
total percentage : 641.25%
total damage: 68.8%
total reward: 2,720cc (paid)

19. Name: Soyalis
total percentage : 39.88%
total damage: 10.6million
total reward: 400cc (paid)

20. Name: Pendeta Musafir
total percentage : 58.51%
total damage: 0.75million
total reward: 300cc (paid)

21. Name: jakubekz1994
total percentage : 68.35%
total damage: 26.7million
total reward: 1040cc (paid)

22. Name: Are Tan
total percentage :
total damage: 600rb
total reward: 300cc + 0cc = 300cc

23. Name: Aalrev v2
total percentage : 651.75%
total damage: 17.8million
total reward: 300cc + 680cc = 980cc (paid)

24. Name: Nicholas The Blood
total percentage : 83.63%
total damage: 10.5million
total reward: 400cc (paid)

25. Name: Leo Syahmessi
total percentage : 469.07%
total damage: 80.4million
total reward: 3200cc (paid)

26. Name: Ying Ko
total percentage : 185.88%
total damage: 57.8million
total reward: 2,280cc (paid)

27. Name: Zafruru
total percentage : 246.33%
total damage: 15million
total reward: 300cc + 600cc = 900cc (paid)

28. Name: simplicissimus
total percentage : 102.79%
total damage: 19.98milllion
total reward: 760cc (paid)

29. Name: Awang
total percentage : 90.69%
total damage: 6.2million
total reward: 300cc + 240cc = 540cc (paid)

30. Name: MiVEX
total percentage : 594.33%
total damage: 318million
total reward: 12,720cc (paid)

31. Name: KaMaRuL
total percentage : 41.04%
total damage: 10.4million
total reward: 400cc (paid)

32. Name: Ayam Kampung Ori
total percentage : 135.78%
total damage: 9.1million
total reward: 360cc + 300cc = 660cc (paid)

33. Name: Smallee
total percentage : 13.65%
total damage: 7.9million
total reward: 280cc (paid)

34. Name:
total percentage :
total damage:
total reward:

Thank you
Khairunnaim Khairuddin

lvl atas 35

lvl bawah 35

Div 1


Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 2,430, 03:18

Sorry for the payment process of withdrawing money from treasury

BafraliKartal TR
BafraliKartal TR Day 2,430, 09:59


ubod Day 2,430, 15:35

Name: Thailand
dmg: 1 billion
Waiting for money

PutinPOWER Day 2,430, 15:40


Tea D Bombay
Tea D Bombay Day 2,430, 15:41

Rejected :p

ubod Day 2,430, 15:43

Now you will see THAILAND NUCLEAR POWER in Sarawak

Tea D Bombay
Tea D Bombay Day 2,430, 15:46

And you will see Malaysian Petronas Power, wkwkwkwkwkwk...

PutinPOWER Day 2,430, 15:53

Malaysian Petronas Power



MiVEX Day 2,431, 07:28

Mane Petrol aku,..Dah kehabisan minyak...Wakakaka!!!!

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