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[CAT/ENG] Gabinet PPCE 10-11 2012

Day 1,795, 15:37 Published in Egypt Egypt by Comte de Reus
English version at the bottom

Gabinet PPCE Octubre/Novembre

A les eleccions internes del dia 15, Karnitx va sortir elegit president del partit. Per fi, ha anunciat el seu nou consell de governació, que queda definit de la següent manera:

Octubre - Novembre 2012

PP Karnitx
VP PandaWan
SG -Diplomàcia- Naboal
PC -Economia- Costalsina
-Comunicacions- Comte de Reus
-Joventut- Ita Ita
-Militar- alexbcn88

Felicitats a tots els que s'han guanyat un lloc, a treballar i pensar en les eleccions al congrés, que estan al caure!

PPCE cabinet October/November

In the party elections of day 15th October, Karnitx was choosen as president of PPCE. Finally, he has announced the party cabinet for this month, which has been distributed in this way:

October - November 2012

PP Karnitx
VP PandaWan
SG -Diplomacy- Naboal
PC -Economics- Costalsina
-Communications- Comte de Reus
-Younghood- Ita Ita
-Military- alexbcn88

Congratulations to everybody who has reached a place, but now it's time to work thinking about th econgress elections, which are vey near!



alexbcn88 Day 1,795, 16:28

bona feina!

Naboal Day 1,795, 16:44

Votat i a currar.

KADUPS Day 1,796, 01:19

Animo companys!!!

Karnitx Day 1,796, 02:52

AAAAAAAA liarlaaaaaa! Limbo Dance Rules!


Petrus39 Day 1,796, 07:57

Ben fet!

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