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[Canadian Prosperity] Join Canada's Fastest Growing Political Movement

Day 2,162, 06:21 Published in Canada Canada by DMV3

Are you tired of the same boring parties without a message or political direction? Then Canadian Prosperity is the answer, we're a fast growing and highly active party looking to change Canada for the better. Canadian Prosperity was founded a mere six days ago and has grown to 24 members, making it the number six party in eCanada.

Our growth can be attributed to a few very specific things. We are welcoming to all eCanadians, whether you are a long time eCanadian, a recent immigrant, or new player, Canadian Prosperity is a welcoming and inviting place to be. CPP also has a unique and honest platform for change. Whether you are looking for low taxes, a responsive and open government, or you are just looking to be included, Canadian Prosperity has the answers to the problems facing eCanada. The final reason for our growth is our compassion for eCanadians in need. We offer A Helping Hand to eCanadians in need of weapons and food.

A Helping Hand is a party funded welfare program that helps all eCanadians in need. We offer 3 Q7 weapons and 400 health per day to all eCanadians who apply for assistance. CPP members who need help are given 5 Q7 weapons and 800 health each day they fill out the form. If you need help please don't hesitate to apply.

What does the Canadian Prosperity Party stand for?
1. Low Tax Rates
2. Social Responsibility
3. Responsive and Open Government
4. Strengthening the Bromance with the eUS
5. Open Immigration
6. Stability
7. Decisive Leadership



DevaJr Day 2,162, 06:22


Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Day 2,162, 06:26

Best wishes to CP!

DMV3 Day 2,162, 06:35

Not bad for an article written on my phone.

klop123 Day 2,162, 07:32


Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,162, 09:04


Comment deleted

Foxfire Day 2,162, 09:55

It looks like an ex-USA retirement home, lol.

Technician Day 2,162, 09:57

Give me an enemy that can not do multi damage like TWO and see how retired I am..

Foxfire Day 2,162, 18:07

eRepublik Labs thanks you for their spa treatments in Greece. Counting your money was hard on their wrists so they appreciated the chance to relax.

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,162, 10:49


J.Canuck Day 2,162, 13:47

The Common Sense PTO is picking up speed.

Molosi Day 2,162, 14:58


Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Day 2,162, 15:10

Its the eCanada version of the AFA

Quick ATO #voting chainshout!

Technician Day 2,164, 03:48

Why not use a Canadian in your avatar? For somebody who get so mixed up between games and real life you should go all out Canadian. Use my picture born, raised and proudly Canadian even though I played a game under eUSA. Only players that are morons in the eUSA, eCanada etc... support TWO but I am sure you know this. Not that I hate per say TWO but the game need balance TWO is too strong.

Joshur Day 2,162, 15:13

The Canadian Prosperity Party - because if you join, you'll get extra welfare!

Derek McFadden
Derek McFadden Day 2,162, 16:49

Is extra like 10% more, or like double? I just don't know how I'd feed my 12 ekids on less than double.

DMV3 Day 2,163, 05:36

It is basically double, you shpuld come to Canada and join the PTO........ err I mean party.

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,162, 15:15


Cthulhu.. Day 2,162, 17:29


Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 2,162, 22:00

sounds like old ideas in an old voice, but everyone hates that voice

Micevhel Day 2,163, 00:41

fastest growing political party? not sure if people are joining for free tanks or if we are being PTOed

DMV3 Day 2,163, 05:12

Why can't it be both?

Technician Day 2,164, 03:50

I do not need tanks I moved to eCanada to build my own tanks.

Technician Day 2,164, 04:04

What does the Canadian Prosperity Party stand for?
1. Low Tax Rates
2. Social Responsibility
3. Responsive and Open Government
4. Strengthening the Bromance with the eUS
5. Open Immigration
6. Stability
7. Decisive Leadership

Why this real life Canadian is in ....
What do short sighted players in eCanada have against this?

Oh I know TWO is stronger let be like everybody else and join TWO.... morons....

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