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[Ambassador] The Presidential Election

Day 2,118, 15:53 by Matthias Lund

So, interesting and very close election in the eUK! WookieO won by a small margin of only 9 votes out of a total of 493 votes. In second, came Talon Karrde from The Unity Party.

Before we start, this is not the final cabinet, but the candidates WookieO had in mind before he won the election.


WookieO was by far the most supported Country President, he comes from the New Era party and was supported by 8 other parties, whilst Talon Kaarde only was supported by one other party.

WookieO’s plans aren’t something new, it’s the good old “Create more fun, help new players, make old players stay” a problem the eUK have been battling for a long time. Other than that? We’ll have to see.

WookieO’s cabinet for September 2013 is as following:


Emergy Maxfell, who stays as the current Minister of Finance, he was also last terms Minister of Finance and has been doing a decent job.

LongShotzZ, who will be this month’s Minister of Entertainment. He also ran for Country President, but without success.

Mwcerberus and FragUK will be the Ministers of Defence. WookieO won’t change much here, he thinks the MoD works quite good as it is now. Mwcerberus is actually a member of The Unity Party, who supported WookieO’s opposing candidate Talon Kaarde.

There will also be two Ministers of Foreign Affairs, those are Bohemond4 and Rfeist. Both are very experienced players, but Bohemond4 is also part of The Unity Party, who supported Talon Karrde for Country President.

ChewChewShoe who also ran for Country President but stopped and supported WookieO the last few days will be the Vice Country President along with Butjam. Both are also very experienced players.

There will also be two Ministers of Home Affairs. Those are FightAndProduce along with Apronchef.

As the Minister of Education, CheetahCurtis has been chosen.


So that’s about it, I’ll update if the final cabinet comes in.



Zai Kaon
Zai Kaon Day 2,119, 00:46


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