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[eSA MOD] battle orders for day 2362

17 Tag 2,362, 02:37 Südafrika Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge


Sehzade Tifonus-han harzetler!!!!

okay, we had brake couple of days since there were no important battles, but now it is time to get on your battle positions!!!

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[eSA MOD] mod team

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Hello Safricans!!!!

This month Tazanotto was elected for CP. He was the choice that Safricans made and he will

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[eSA MOD] battle orders for day 2350

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Good morning South Africans aq!!!

let's get to the point right away oz aq.

Battle orders for day 2350

1. all mobile UNITES fight for Argentina in

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[eSA MOD] announcement aq

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Destur aq!!!!

First of all i would like to introduce my self. I am one of Lazocracy Leaders and your MoD for this month. Sorry for being late with update but i had some problems with my … mehr »

We can be one !!!

6 Tag 2,320, 16:34 Südafrika Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Alone your damage is little, together we turn battles.

I found this line in some of the previous articles written by some former MoD's and i liked it, I also consider this phrase mehr »