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We can be one !!!

6 Tag 2,320, 16:34 Südafrika Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Alone your damage is little, together we turn battles.

I found this line in some of the previous articles written by some former MoD's and i liked it, I also consider this phrase mehr »

Fight, fight, fight !!!

9 Tag 2,317, 16:27 Südafrika Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

Hello again guys, it is now time to fight in our own battles.

Keep the momentum going and do whatever you can Here , … mehr »

[Mod] Returning back.

11 Tag 2,316, 10:15 Südafrika Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

Hello guys it is me again :D even if i sad goodbye to you i'm back again to help the President running the country :)

Sorry for not taking over earlier, but in the beginning i didn't mehr »

End of term...[MoD]

10 Tag 2,297, 06:20 Südafrika Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Hello again and for the last time, this term :)
This is a personal message from me (Zombinho), and doesn't means that the the opinions written here, are shared with the rest of the cabinet.
mehr »

The war.

11 Tag 2,292, 08:52 Südafrika Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

Hello there.
All of you already knows that Argentina declared war on us after we successfully conquered our lands back.
We started bad, with loosing a region, not let that continue and … mehr »