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Why am I so Bloody?

Don't Forget:

30 Tag 2,415, 00:19 Schweden Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Don't Forget:

I'm Awesome!

I've always lived by the policy:

If you don't constantly run around telling

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A Grumpy President Makes a Good President

2 Tag 2,388, 15:33 Schweden Politische Debatten und Analysen Politische Debatten und Analysen

After reading the interviews with the Presidential candidates, it seems to me that Grumpy George is the candidate for me. (Interview: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/intervju-med-presidentkandidaterna--2405631/1/20)

I liked his answers and

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A Fair Request

24 Tag 2,369, 10:57 Schweden Gesellschaftliches Zusammenspiel und Unterhaltung Gesellschaftliches Zusammenspiel und Unterhaltung

This is my request to eSweden: DO NOT PAY LAZOCRASI

When I moved here, I knew that we were allies with Argentina. Despite my past loyalties, I was okay with that. I don't mind the allies, and most of the time, they are in a holding patter

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[Dignity Brigade] Mission 2 - Activity Check

17 Tag 2,353, 11:51 Schweden Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

The last mission we had was short and sweet, a Covert Operation that led us into killing a lot of eEstonians. It was pretty awesome.

Brace yourself though men. This campaign will be one that will require you to rely on you skills of the land, and

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[Dignity Brigade] Results - Mission 1

23 Tag 2,347, 14:07 Schweden Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Men, I am proud to report the mission results from Mission 1.

We had VERY good activity.

Kills-Wise, I forgot to take note of what we got, so I went back and checked eGov4You and was astounded.

Tank -Wise,
We were fucking amazing.

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