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Battles, battles everywhere [EN/HR]

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I can’t really remember the last time eWorld has seen this many serious open fronts at the same time, but I can guarantee it’s been a while since the last time we had this interesting situation on the map.

Asgard offensive


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Asteria on ropes [EN/HR]

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English version [EN]

Looks like “our side” took the initiative and brought action to Asteria’s home ground. Last couple of days brought us excitement joined Aurora-Sirius offensive on Hungary induced by the presence of Chile in Central … mehr »

Run and gun [ENG/HR]

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[ENG] English version

We had lots of action on eRepublik battlefields in the last couple of days, couple of ups and downs for some sides and some surprises. Let’s skip the introduction and go straight to the action.

The empire strikes

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Sirius transformation

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I’ve been writting for a while mostly on Croatian (my mother Tongue) and I’ve gathered quite a few readers already, but couple of days ago I decided to start writting on English too in order to expand my public and get the MM medal.


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Novi savezi, stara dosada

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Dugo smo čekali raspad TWO-a, još dulje formiranje novih saveza, a sve s nadom u bolji i zanimljiviji boravak u igri. Dočekali smo sve osim ovog posljednjeg, a nema pravog razloga što još uvijek čekamo ovo posljednje.

Asteria vs Sirius

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