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Red Crescent Organisation in Albania

12 Tag 2,543, 15:04 Veröffentlicht in Albania Albania Die ersten Schritte bei eRepublik Die ersten Schritte bei eRepublik


Qoftese keni ndegju per punen e RCA(RedCrossOfAlbania)tani(Red Crescent Organisation) kemi qen nje organizat qe kemi bere donacion ne food ma heret ne loje, kemi qen shum te sukseshum dhe ndihmat kan qen te medhaja. Mendoj qe prap

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Special interview with leader of mercenary Military Unit Vendetta.

12 Tag 2,432, 19:27 Veröffentlicht in Turkey Turkey Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

I would like to announce the interview I made with the leader of MU(Vendetta) Mr.MaulMau. I asked him for an Interview which he accepted, It is made of 4 questions, here they are:

1)Who has created the Military Unit Vendetta?
1)The MU started

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