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In the memory of the best Greek music band



31 Tag 2,438, 07:42 Zypern Politische Debatten und Analysen Politische Debatten und Analysen

2 χρονια πισω στο παιχνιδι

Η Κυπρος διεγραμμενη για πολλους μηνες. Ελαχιστοι παικτες ενεργοι. Οι κλασσικοι αρρωστημενοι ηΚυπριοι που πινανε μπυρες και ουζα μεχρι το ξημερωμα.

Θυμασαι τοτε? Ολοι δωσαμε υποσχεση να ελευθερωσουμε τα pixels της ηΚυ

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22 Tag 2,437, 10:58 Zypern Politische Debatten und Analysen Politische Debatten und Analysen

Comrades, friends, soldiers, brothers.

Tonight I call myself as the leading person of the "Coloterroristas" movement which will fight the injustice that takes place last days in eCyprus.

I am about to have a high council with depici and the

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[eCyprus]On the way to Dubai

68 Tag 2,411, 07:36 Zypern Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

eCypriots on their way to the battefield in Middle East against Hungary

While they met an unexpected friend from the past

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30 Tag 2,405, 11:31 Zypern Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

Panpas, liselis, friends & allies

Today eSwitzerland gives a huge effort to get congress.

We know exactly how it feels like to fight against superpowers for your congress

Our war with

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15 Tag 2,394, 14:41 Zypern Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

The truth about xMikiGOATx article :)


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