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The true face of Spain and ROLA

Tag 2,037, 12:26 von NueveOcho

Dear friends, panpas, oçes,
The true face of ROLA and Spain has been discovered. Enjoy :)

Dedicated to New Faustian Man \o/

Are you a D3 or D4 fighter? Are you active? do you like having fun? Are you a TWO soldier? Are you looking for a MU with many DOs so it can also help your MM?

Well, don’t look any further! Join OWL ARMY! We are recruting!

In order to join write a PM to either me or Soloks and we will discuss your admission.

Please, remember to vote, subscribe and shout, this chick already did :3

Wanna see more countryballs? Then click here

Also, if you want, like my facebook page with Spainball's pictures, funny polls, and eR trolling stuff :)

The true face of Spain and ROLA




Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Tag 2,037, 12:27


Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Tag 2,037, 12:28

100% REAL Un Nueveocho autentico¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Armin Cea
Armin Cea Tag 2,037, 17:10

si pagaran por Pole, seria millonario!

Armin Cea
Armin Cea Tag 2,037, 17:11

eres un boot?? demasiado rapido!

Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Tag 2,037, 17:12

Soy amigo de Plato (?)

Kuzynn Tag 2,038, 12:03

co ty tam prawisz synu?

Alphabethis Tag 2,037, 14:01

solo se salva el final, francamente.

El Reto
El Reto Tag 2,037, 12:29

2'nd denied :f

Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Tag 2,038, 07:38

eSpain doesn't forsake his friends, and does not pay traitors like eArgentina, eRomania and eTurkey.

A day may come, when the courage of eSpanish fails, when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. This day we fight! For ROLA and TWO, for all that we hold dear on this new world, Hail ROLA! Hail TWO!

Fat.Tony Tag 2,037, 12:31


Fat.Tony Tag 2,037, 12:32


NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:33


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Tag 2,037, 12:31

Classic !!


NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:33

I dedicate this to you

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Tag 2,037, 12:41

Gracias hombre : )

NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:42

Nice Spanish bro

XenthuS Tag 2,037, 12:31


Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Tag 2,037, 12:32

yo creo que hay un algun autor de articulo de bolas, enfadadillo

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Tag 2,037, 12:32

Traidor! usted 8I

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Tag 2,037, 12:32

Yes, master!

De Ve T
De Ve T Tag 2,037, 12:32


It's a real brotherhood, yes yes (all puppets ~.^)

NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:40

Es una failhood : D

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Tag 2,037, 12:33


They didn't give in to pressure from the mother (and papa) of TWO (Serbia or TOvers for the most "intimates") and deserves our respect.

NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:34

they denied the NE = No balls

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Tag 2,037, 12:35


They have balls because they don't are puppets from Serbia

NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:38

They are puppets of CoT and Trola

Lord Andru Lavale
Lord Andru Lavale Tag 2,037, 12:51

First of all, I advice you to take english classes. They are very important.

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Tag 2,037, 12:54

nice argument

totMarius Tag 2,037, 13:47

the TRUE, is very important not, the english...

Arn.Magnusson Tag 2,037, 13:53

That goes for you too totMarius :p

Karsten Mk
Karsten Mk Tag 2,038, 05:22


Outside Two, now !!

Xthream Tag 2,038, 19:18

Si un mexicano lo dice xD

elMengu Tag 2,039, 03:03

Spain will remain loyal to its allies, TWO and ROLA.

I sense butthurt and ignorance in this article.

Mininuns Tag 2,037, 12:35


The Anaconda
The Anaconda Tag 2,037, 14:33

heeeeeere kitty kitty

hugo814 Tag 2,037, 12:37

sub pole!!

E Z E 1 3 1 1
E Z E 1 3 1 1 Tag 2,038, 11:35

El mas rapido del lejano oeste...oh wait... :cafe

hugo814 Tag 2,038, 12:51

vale porque nadie lo dijo

Losto Tag 2,037, 12:38

HAHAHA shit, i love your work, you're an artist xdxdxd

NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:40

Thanks bro (:

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Tag 2,037, 12:40

What we can do in this case of hypnosis ?
pour some cold water on our Spanish bros they must wake up!


NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:41

The water was a NE on the USA, but they are still awake

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Tag 2,037, 12:43

Seriously now....Spain is our old and loyal friend.
I just dont want to beleive that they are level-Turkey i just dont.

NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:46

They may have leveled to Turkey

Moorhuhn Tag 2,037, 15:17

They have NAP with USA for a long time.
It is fair to say that their NE would be cowardish, now, when we rapping USA apart.
If TWO were in danger and they refuse to help, then it would be different story.
That is considering NE on USA.
For the rest I really don’t know.
And what is that buls*it with ROLA?
How can they be in more then one alliance?

TheUnit H. Pacas
TheUnit H. Pacas Tag 2,037, 12:41


CaT still love Lithuania ^^

p.s. What can I say abaut Spain? Spain is good ally(one(two) of goodest), but they are sometimes stubborn:) And I think that they don't need to attack USA, too many countries(peoples) in N. America and this continent will go down to the ocean

NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:42

CaT secretly loves Lithuania ^^

TheUnit H. Pacas
TheUnit H. Pacas Tag 2,037, 12:43

p.s.s. vote anyway:) wenn we get more of yours jobs?

NueveOcho Tag 2,037, 12:43

In my facebook page (:
Check under the boob pic

TheUnit H. Pacas
TheUnit H. Pacas Tag 2,037, 12:44

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