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The Death and the Revival [LIBERTY]

Tag 1,820, 09:15 Veröffentlicht in United Kingdom Kanada von Pat Harper

Hello and Welcome.

Liberty fights for the UK, her allies and neutral nations. New players are welcome, there is a relaxed community, positive atmosphere and leadership roles are available.

This article is going to perform TWO main purposes.
1. Thank everyone for their support in rebuilding Liberty
2. Inform you on what we have achieved.

Most of you will know that Liberty has gone through its highs and lows, but recently it was at its all time lowest. With the sudden and unexpected death of the much loved Max Blue the MU was in a crisis. We lost members rapidly, highly regarded members who were vital to the MU's structure.

After a few months of decline the unit his its total lowest of 19 members, declining from well over 80. After eLiam left to attend important matters in Saudi Arabia, Irv Noyb, the new commander and myself got to work trying to rebuild the unit.
The work has been painfully slow, but we persisted, and many of you will have seen the articles published by myself and Irv.

Lately however we have got out act together, with the member list starting to shoot up (at last!). Daily supply packs are given out to those who ask, with extra large special packs given out on special events. (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.)

The unit is currently at an impressive 46 members and increasing every week.

Now I would like to thank everyone for sharing our articles and helping spread the word. Also the NHS for the recruits and especially Irv for being the backbone behind the recovery. Also a shout out to my fellow party members in UKRP for their support!

What we plan for the future:

For the upcoming future we plan on expanding the MU even larger and increasing the daily rewards/supply packs and give aways!
We work through the tide of troubles IRL to give our full support to our members.

Thanks for your time, and in the words of Irv,
'Have a fluffy day!'




Thedark ace
Thedark ace Tag 1,820, 10:10

Well done (:

WayneKerr Tag 1,820, 10:49


D I W Tag 1,820, 11:20

Nice to see

Irv Noyb
Irv Noyb Tag 1,820, 11:30

The backbone of Liberty's ongoing recovery are all of our dedicated members, from the e-baby recruits to the battle-tanking captains. Let's keep this community as fantastic as it's meant to be o7

Huey George
Huey George Tag 1,820, 13:14

Glad to see Liberty back on its way up, voted 07

Niemand Tag 1,820, 13:55

Good that you are improving again. I am glad you are doing fine. UK needs liberty. (:

GameChanger Tag 1,821, 06:39

Hopefully you won't try to steal members from other MU's again. That was annoying. But good luck anyway

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Tag 1,821, 08:36

We don't steal members...

Irv Noyb
Irv Noyb Tag 1,821, 09:53

@GameChanger: To clarify, yes, there was a time when Max would send messages to the members of other MUs. This was soon after I first joined up, myself. When the subject was brought up I was personally against the practice and still am and, as far as I aware, that form of recruitment stopped soon after the complaints came to Max's attention. To my knowledge, the MU never did this under eLiam's command and I hold it as a policy to not practice that form of recruitment, either.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Tag 1,821, 14:45

Good luck all (=

Hope the revival flourishes.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Tag 1,821, 14:46

I hope to see lots of Liberty members posting on MoD orders also, free weapons + a chance for your MU to win gold or currency.

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