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The Amazing Race - Let's Join

Tag 1,826, 09:41 Veröffentlicht in Lithuania Indonesien von wandrip
Sudovia [eLithuania], Nov 19 (eDay: 1826)

Dear my eLithuanian Friends,

This article is based on this newspaper.

I'm going to tell you, and also inviting you, to join the most creative games called Amazing Race 2 - Goes International. It's a game about finding the correct channel on IRC, to gather more clue, so that you can find the last channel. If you ever watch Amazing Race on RL, maybe you'll ask "Will it be like that too? Finding some place to get some prizes?"And i'll answer it with YES.

Well maybe i have to explain the whole game. Let me give you the first thing that you have to do if you want to register as the participants of this game :

1. Make sure that you have eRepublik account;
2. Have IRC nick which has been registered and identified;
3. Fill this form. The registration will be open until day 1836;
4. Will obey all the rules that Amazing Race Crew made;
5. You are not one of MoFA of eIndonesia Team (MoFA, vMoFA, or Ambassadors);
6. You representative yourself as the participants, no multies allowed;
7. No matter what citizenship you have, you still can be the participants.

If you have fulfill all the requirements, so you can be the participant of Amazing Race 2 - Goes International. Well after all the requirements, i'll explain about how to play Amazing Race 2 - Goes International.

1. There will be 15 channels (Level 1 - Level 15) that you have passed to be the winner;

2. Each Level will have one clue. You have to find the correct answer, so that you can go to another Level;

3. To get the clue, you have to PM (Private Message) the committee. They will have "AR" on their nick. Example : LarasDea|AR. And if you want to get the clue, you have to say this words :

"Hello. I'm (your name) from (your citizenship) had passed Level (your previous level) at channel #(mention the channel) and wanted to get next clue for Level (your next level)"

For example : "Hello. I'm LarasDea from Indonesia had passed Level 3 at channel #three and wanted to get next clue for Level 4"

4. After PM the Channel Guard and get the clue, you can find the answer through anything, like googling;

5. When you finally get the answer, you can go to next level, by entering the channel.
For example :
Question : How many fingers that we have on our right hand?
Answer : Five
Next level will be on : #five

If your answer is more than one word, so the second word is the password of the channel. For example :
Question : Who was the first person who came to the moon?
Answer : Neil Armstrong
Next level will be on : #neil
Password : armstrong

You got the whole point of the game? That's easy right?

The rules are :
1. No cheating;
2. No multies allowed;
3. If you come late, it's your own risk. There will be no extra time;
4. If you disobey point number 1 and 2, you will disqualified from game;

When will the game held?
eRep day : 1837
Time : 4.30 - 7.30 AM eRep Time
Place : IRC Server Rizon

And what about the prizes?

First Champion : 10.000 CC
Second Champion : 7.500 CC
Third Champion : 4.500 CC
Participants : 200 CC each

Further information about this game, please contact:
LarasDea, Crow Ford, rhiannon28




pantera7 Tag 1,826, 10:02

uuu good luck everyone (:

TheUnit pararam
TheUnit pararam Tag 1,826, 10:06

i hate irc, but good luck to all who dont:)

TheUnit pararam
TheUnit pararam Tag 1,826, 10:07

btw v+s

Kotak Amal
Kotak Amal Tag 1,827, 19:02


Om, baca di koran si bib brengsek, om dipaksa pensi jadinya? Ane daftar deh jadi penerima eWarisan kalo itu terjadi, hehe...

eAnaknya Dendi Umuzaki, hihi..

Pengemis Utara
Pengemis Utara Tag 1,827, 19:46

Makasih Om udah dibikinin artikel duluan. Ane barusan bikin lagi yang resmi dari MoFA (baru sempat bikin sekarang).

Thank you.. Thank you...

wandrip Tag 1,827, 22:09

@Kotak Amal: urusin aja deh kalo mw...

@Pengemis Utara: semoga sukses acara-nya

Kotak Amal
Kotak Amal Tag 1,828, 01:01

Cius om??

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