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Tag 1,792, 13:42 von aVie




vejderr Tag 1,792, 13:44


Kolorowy Tag 1,792, 13:47


Hulyeur Tag 1,792, 13:47


Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Tag 1,792, 13:47

Hail aVie

Seleukos Nikator
Seleukos Nikator Tag 1,792, 13:48


El Reto
El Reto Tag 1,792, 13:48


hubertuses Tag 1,792, 13:48


x d x m
x d x m Tag 1,792, 13:49

Jałta v2

PeroST Tag 1,792, 13:49

ken ju aksplejn me rl konekcijons bitvin poland and hungary?!
Isnt it the same whit kroejšija!?!?
We were in the same country for about 700 years so.... hm?!?

Leuch Tag 1,792, 13:49

Poland wants puppets, nothing more, nothing less.

Mixliarder Tag 1,792, 13:49

Dobra weź już zostaw te sojusze w spokoju. Już pokazałeś przy 2in1, traktacie z Francją i CTRL że się do polityki zagranicznej nie nadajesz.


Finway Tag 1,792, 13:49

pPp World is Poland pPp
and we have no ennemy
: D ahah

Ryan Prologik
Ryan Prologik Tag 1,792, 13:50

Voted! : )

Greek Tag 1,792, 13:51

A nie mówiłem.

Mamihlapinatapai Tag 1,792, 13:52

CoT propaganda

Coehoorn Tag 1,792, 13:52

are u fuc...g kidding me?

Iain Keers
Iain Keers Tag 1,792, 13:53

CTRL is a fail boat

Robert1257 Tag 1,792, 13:54


Mixliarder Tag 1,792, 13:54

CTRL się posypało to teraz biedny próbuje ratować swoją smutną ctrlpropagandę na temat (wcześniej) zajebistości braci amerykanów, a teraz jakiś Argentyńczyków oraz innych z cyklu wtf is that. Kolejne sojusze, kolejne porażki, kolejne rozczarowania.

Niedługo państw Ci braknie do wymyślania tych prześmiesznych, nieogarniętych sojuszy... : D

GregoryG Tag 1,792, 13:56

< 3

Coehoorn Tag 1,792, 13:57

Chiny, nic nie znaczące RPA, już nawet w jakimś tam stopniu Rosja są do zaakceptowania,
ale Argentyna? Przecież to jest południowoamerykańska wersja Turcji.
A zapomniałem ... 2in1

Plainswalker Tag 1,792, 14:04

bla, bla, bla

CyberPRP Tag 1,792, 14:08


Romper Tag 1,792, 14:09

Maybe the problem is that this is not what you were telling Americans and Brazilians all along? When you were selling lies how CTRL will be anti Balkan, to avoid the same old boring wars?
You know, the lie you told USA and Brazil to get them interested in CTRL?
Funny how your lies came back to you and hit you on the forehead.

Kyronte Tag 1,792, 14:12

aVie, some countries still put their friendships and history over the present and future benefits, such as the cases of Brazil and Argentina, you can convince enter and remain in CTRL but from there to fight against his friends and brothers is deluded.

Or have you seen Brazil send their divisions against us even though we get to Spain from South America and delete to Venezuela for a day, countries that are CTRL and ALT?

Kyronte Tag 1,792, 14:13

Wake up! Not everyone is interested in forming a league of thugs and abuse their neighbors and old friends, even eRep.

Hostilian Tag 1,792, 14:20

Don't worry, USGov will change next month and stay changed forever.

Rhual Tag 1,792, 14:20

@Romper, funny how USA doesnt want more Balkan war, however they are going to fight there to force Serhun and restart it.
Because many NAPs signed there between the enemies (for months): Greek-Macedonian, Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian-Turkish, Hungarian-Romanian, no big war at all (except some little Bosnian-Montenegro and the coloured Italy - but its not Balkan)

AlexMCS182 Tag 1,792, 14:20

Ho another toilet paper

2 in one day, kinda too much

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Tag 1,792, 15:04

Let's rewrite the main document of the alliance then. No balkan focus was a bullshit for some members since the beginning.

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Tag 1,792, 15:06

- China
- Argentina
- Russia
- South Africa (ALT)

I don't see any country in this list involved in balkanic endless wars:

hungary x romania
serbia x croatia
FYROM x Greece
Turkey x Bulgaria

PappasXXV Tag 1,792, 15:10

The main problem being that Serbia and Hungary are the eUS's only constant, without a doubt enemies in this game. Its hard to stay neutral towards a country that you would invade 100% of the time if you shared a border with them. Poland's going to be forced to choose come the invasion of Hungary soon enough.

GregoryG Tag 1,792, 15:24

For people obsessed with the endless war in the "Balkans"

Hungary had no war with Romania for 3 months.
Serbia-Croatia wars in the last period might have been unending but Serbia won the battles easily near 83-0.
MKD-Greece? I can't even recall.
Turkey-Bulgaria? They have a NAP for what? 3-4 months?

Rona1d Tag 1,792, 15:40

Maybe because Serbia want to PTO USA? Dont fool me CTRL idea is to create an Anti balkan alliance ! if you wanted to destroy the idea good, but that will be thdm end of CTRL

Fabryka krokodyla
Fabryka krokodyla Tag 1,792, 15:45

Hungary o7
Serbia o7

Róbcie sojusze jakie chcecie, ważne żebym mógł bić zawsze przeciwko Cro, enter.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Tag 1,792, 15:46


Faunoskov Tag 1,792, 16:05

Ah, CTRL, welcomen EDEN TO* CTRL
TO*: Take Over

Search chile
Result: 0 of 0

Hostilian Tag 1,792, 17:25

@Ronald Stevens, you're a fool if you think that way. Serbs in eUSA have no ties to eSerbia. Even if they do want to PTO eUSA, as you said, that is for their own personal pleasure and not for eSerbian government or for benefit of eSerbia in any way. Maybe they decide to conquer eSerbia with their new country, who knows... Well, everybody will know in about a month or two....

aVie Tag 1,792, 17:46

francja- bronilem tej decyzji kiedys, teraz nie mam zamiaru, nie potrzebne jak kazdy kolejny traktat
2in1- takie dziwne cos, powstalo za zgoda one, hq one bylo informowane i aprobowalo nasze dzialania w budowie relacji z turcja
ctrl- 10 tyg temu zostalem vMSZ, moim jedynym zadaniem bylo pracowac nad CTRL. zrobione. od pierwszej rozmowy z usa przy kazdej okazji podkreslalem ze mpp z serbhunami zostaje i to sie nie zmieni wiedzieli o tym. nikt ich nie sciemnial ze pl balkany porzuci

ilphen Tag 1,792, 20:10

ALL HAIL TERRA!!!!!!!!!!!

kakaosi Tag 1,792, 22:26

"On the shortlist for future CTRL members Poland agreed for countries like:
- China
- Argentina
- Russia
- South Africa (ALT)
(this is not a full list)"

Whats the point kid?! To have only the strongest countries on each continent in same alliance and counquer countries like Austria, Denmark, Bolivia, Singapoure etc.?! Don't you see what this will do to the game and how (un)exciting almost every battle will be?
Du*bass bully, nothing more, nothing less.

kakaosi Tag 1,792, 22:38

"Poland will keep MPP with Serbia." and Hungary.....
LoL ONE....I mean "CTRL"

AronMacedon Tag 1,793, 01:32


avie failmaxxxxxxxxx

tornadoretkinia Tag 1,793, 01:43

Delete przyszedł niespodziewanie szybko po ctrl+alt.

Bikkin Tag 1,793, 02:25

As eUSA still has strong ties with her old friends like eCroatia, eRoumania, eChina etc. I really do not understand why they allow themselves to have a word against ePoland''s ingame friends. Should ePoland start a campaign against eCroatia to force eUSA make her choice?

SIR BREHOGAN Tag 1,793, 02:29


Amboise Tag 1,793, 02:34

"CTRL = ONE + BRUSA" .. you said it all ^^

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