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CP Election

Tag 1,901, 13:39 Veröffentlicht in Australia Uruguay von Nicky3Fingers

Hello everybody, with three small days left until the eAustralian Presidential elections. (or do you guys call it prime ministerial down here ;) )The race is truly starting to heat up, or should i say fizzle out? Well i sure hope not because how boring would that be?

The Green and Gold party founder and current nominee to take the hot seat, Mr Crumpets. has put out articles detailing his cabinet positions, some of which I do not agree with, but that is why he is running and I am not. I am surprised however by the lack of backlash from the rest of the community. His articles are perhaps the first ones i have seen that haven't turned into out right flame wars. But i continue, the only departments he has yet to talk about are Human Services, Immigration and Information which i am sure e will discuss with us at a later date.

On the other side of the ticket is Tim_Holtz, he is running under the Australian Communist Party (ACP). He has released a single article discussing his ideas with domestic policies ie, Centrelink etc. and although other articles have been promised, perhaps most importantly his idea on foreign affairs at the moment. They have yet to appear in any articles.

One can not help but wonder why one candidate appears to be "on the ball" and rightly so, while the other seems to be dragging feet. Has he messaged anybody asking them to be in his cabinet? i cant say whether he has or not. But it is a common fact that if the voters do not clearly understand your ideas they will not vote for you, and as of now their are no ideas to be clear on. I hope that within the next day or two my newspaper feed is filled to the brim with Tim_Holtz's ideas on current affairs.

With the upcoming debate though, i assume that it will surely help fill in the blanks on Tim's plan for his term as dict....i mean.... prime minister... So make sure you all tune in and listen up it will hopefully be around 01:00 eRepublik time if everything goes to plan.

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome but i prefer you to insult my writing in PM then in the comments ;)



Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Tag 1,901, 15:32

Voted - Good balanced article.

I understand some people may not agree with my ideas, but as you correctly pointed out, that's why we have a CP race. A chance to present different points of view for the community to decide on.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Tag 1,901, 15:37

Good to see someone writing and getting involved... go Nicky!

Nicky3Fingers Tag 1,901, 16:07

that's why we have a CP race. A chance to present different points of view for the community to decide on.


Icetek Tag 1,901, 16:41

Tim_Holtz would be a mistake, hes like in his earlie 20's who still cant control urges. (other then sexual)

Mr.Crumpets puts work into eAUS, even tho we might not agree with him, he has shown his dedication just by embarrassing himself on those radio talks (lol)

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Tag 1,901, 17:38

Ignore Icetek, he knows nothing.

Well put article, been wondering the same thing myself. Maybe Tim Holtz is suffering from overconfidence.

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Tag 1,901, 17:46

"Tim_Holtz would be a mistake, hes like in his earlie 20's who still cant control urges. (other then sexual)"
This coming from the "US Stalker"?

LanyIsLost Tag 1,901, 17:55

oh my, Icetek is a stalker?

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,901, 19:40

The race has fizzled out by and large. The country has lost major international respect, can't be trusted by eChile to do the right thing and eIndonesia are coming in without so much as lifting a finger. This is a prime example that sometimes it's better to cut losses and live to fight another day than drag out impossible scenarios for weeks and still lose. Too much ego on the government bench - our key downfall.

No matter who wins this next election, they'll be handed a can of used goods, a treasury in shatters thanks to months of unnecessary conflict that could have been resolved at the start and good players jumping countries left and right to get out while they can. If either candidate is looking for the medal - go for it. If they're smart - get out while you can. My one complaint with Crumpets is he has the worst line up if his expectation is to turn things around. With that rat pack, it will be another month of the same but with a far less support base to achieve it.

BOUD1CCA Tag 1,902, 02:50

Mick you have become embarrassing, for your own sake please stop

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,902, 03:18

Embarrassing to who, Louise? The government and the ARP? That's fine with me.

Your government and your position in foreign affairs are an embarrassment to this country and god help us if you're in the same position next term.

venja Tag 1,902, 05:49

Mick you have become embarrassing, for your own sake please stop


Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Tag 1,902, 05:56

hahaha says Mick who got fired from his position in USA cab and sent back to eAus in disgrace.

Mick you have become embarrassing, for your own sake please stop x 3

Icetek Tag 1,902, 07:13

Everyone lets listen to Larni, she knows it all.....hence why we are in this position to begin with. Get real, i wonder where XG is hiding now Larni. Maybe you should join him, after all it was you who put him there.

Pat i wonder who's clone you are, me a stalker? LoL. Yes bro, i get pleasure out of stalking ugly fat people behind a computer. This whole country talks big, but when it comes to it, you all run and hide. Except Larni, she kinda like me. Dont give a f*** and keep pushing on.

Hit me up Larni, we need to discuss the future of eAUS.

Icetek Tag 1,902, 07:19

Once again you have nothing smart to say but only criticize peoples opinions. You are the worse kind, because instead of trying to help find a way to fix the problem, your adding to it. Only thing embarrassing was you being a senator. You DID nothing, you never added any advice, you never helped with solutions to anything. Just like now you sit back and instigate.

You say your better then me, or TJ or whoever.....then prove it and start acting like you give a sh*t about this country and add some solutions. Larni teach your pet some new tricks, please.

argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Tag 1,902, 13:53

Ignore Icetek, he knows nothing.
X 2


Tim_Holtz Tag 1,902, 14:06

i had some RL issues i had to deal with and so was unable to release articles. my apologies

and icetek shut up, noone wants to hear your bullshit

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Tag 1,902, 14:48

Nice even balance on this Article N3F. Voted

Icetek Tag 1,902, 17:11

"i had some RL issues i had to deal with and so was unable to release articles. my apologies"

how original.....

Icetek Tag 1,902, 17:12

"i had some RL issues i had to deal with and so was unable to release articles. my apologies"

please use the same quote when you get nothing done and you realize you bit a too much of the apple.

Tim_Holtz Tag 1,902, 21:34

ive been CP before icetek, please stfu

Icetek Tag 1,903, 23:08

you should quit while your ahaid then.

Nicky3Fingers Tag 1,903, 23:30

ahead*....sorry couldn't help myself

Icetek Tag 1,903, 01:45

lol, all good.

lets see what they say now

James Buffet
James Buffet Tag 1,903, 05:08

mr crumb its very weird to compliment your multi

Nicky3Fingers Tag 1,903, 07:22

"mr crumb its very weird to compliment your multi ?"

are u saying that I am his multi?...strange...i don't feel like a strange clown...of course you may be referring that to someone else but since im the only person he complimented?

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