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[VPOTUS] Perseverance Domestically and Internationally AND CAMPAIGNING

Tag 1,827, 15:07 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von Inwegen
Greetings America,

It's been a bit longer than I had planned between articles, but we've been getting busy on many fronts (some backs as well). ^__^

Today, I will be speaking on a few subjects. A little bit on handling the unsavoury characters among us, but mostly I will be discussing foreign policy both in theory and in application
So, there is obviously a party many of us want to beat very badly. Your patriotism makes me swell with pride, America. You make my eyes water. No tears though. I'M NOT A SOFTY. :3

That being said, we've obviously had a difficult time against them in Party President elections while managing OK (but, not great) in Congressional elections and very well in Country President elections. To be brutally and completely honest I did not expect us to fare as well as we have. Every statistic we had pointed towards numbers that we could not beat. You defeated the odds, America. I will not take credit and I know no other individual will. It was a group effort and although we are far from out of the dark yet, we have shown that true patriotism and pride in each other and our nation (despite the differences many of us have) is what keeps us together.

I will not call our opposition cheaters, for they are only playing with the same game mechanics accessible to us all. But, they are dirty. Some are even pig disgusting. But, fire is being fought with fire. They may have approved plenty of citizenship applications that Immigration Enforcement would never approve, but they are unable to keep their own people here. Our successes on preserving our own democracy have pushed their own away.

Keep at it, America. Continue working together. Continue to reach out to each other to improve each other and our new players. Continue to fight for our BROS abroad. Continue to report suspicious players and activity to DHS and the game admins. Continue to be proud and patriotic Americans.
Speaking of BROS, we've got some pretty great ones in Brazil and Russia. I've continually had the pleasure of working with Russia for most of my time in this game. My first government job was an Ambassadorship to Russia and I've always remembered and cherished my conversations with some of their oldest players. One of my first friends in this game was Smirnoff and I remember many a conversation on the potential for a long-term eUSA and eRussia bond to be built.

What is so special about our relationships with Brazil and Russia is that they were formed through many discussions and major changes for all involved. We were once on opposite ends of the battlefield, but now we are seen together at clubs, stained in the blood of our mutual enemies and on the hunt for wenches. We are lads. Sometimes we take the fat bird so Brazil can get their white girl on. Sometimes Russia sneaks in a few flasks of Vodka so we don't have to pay ungodly prices at the club. Every night is lad's night for our Broship. We will never leave each other behind and we will always be the three best friends anyone could have.

So, how does that affect Foreign Policy? That is an excellent question and one that could last an entire mini-series of articles. I will put forth a question and answer it how I see the game along with my position on our current situation in the foreign policy realm.

If the game is so heavily centralised on the balkan region and balkan conflicts, a) why/why not continue to participate in supporting these conflicts and b) how do we proceed both in general and in response to position 'a'?

First off, the question is not whether or not the game now revolves around the balkans. It does and the admins prefer it that way. Heavy investments have been made not only in player accounts, but into major battles for the region. When the amount of money that has been invest by the player base into those regions is as high as it is, it is not only difficult to break the players out of a cycle, but the admins as well. It is profitable for the creators (they continue to make sure the game revolves around this unending struggle) and investors do not wish to lose any chance of what they see as a return on their investment. Do I blame any party involved for wanting to act on these paramount human characteristics? No, this is human nature and we must respect these basic laws.

But, I do not believe the US should devote themselves to a conflict or series of conflicts that have little effect on the quality of the game we receive. The continual conflict could have been US/Canada, US/Russia, UK/Ireland, Israel/Palestine.... But, the game is located in Eastern Europe. It is the hub around which the game began to revolve and, therefore, it is where the major conflicts started not only due to the spread of the game, but due to admin support for the region and the real life history of the region and boils over into the game in a fight for centuries old territory that plenty of modern day citizens believe is their own both in-game and in the real world. We are living out a history of hate in a virtual society.

So, where does that leave the US? Obviously, we have little to care about in that region. Obviously, there is still Red Communist Scare amongst many Americans in real life, but that carries over very weakly into the game. We have little interest in the region besides what activity is on our credit cards. A very similar situation for Brother Brazil. A bit more of a difficult situation for Russia and some of their friends that wish to have no conflict in the Balkans, but they have put in the time and energy to move away from these unending and cyclical wars. They wish for change in the eWorld and are, therefore, being the change they wish to see.

That was a very long process for them. I believe it is a policy we have struggled with at times, but I believe it to be the correct direction for this country. Are we scared of change? Or, are we simply scared of boredom? I believe it to be the latter. This nation and it's people have gone through very difficult changes in the past and I believe we've come out healthier for it. Was some of it extremely hard on many friendships and societal structures? Yes, and it took plenty of rebuilding, but I see how groups that wish nothing to do with each other come together to stop a domestic threat multiple months in a row now. America is strong.

I call on America to continue to support those that are our Brothers, Brazil and Russia. I call on America to be patient while alliance dust settles. EDEN is not right for us as an alliance, a lesson learned through past hardship and being frequently taken advantage of. We may have some friends there, but it is not a good place for us. For obvious reasons, ONE will never be for us. CTRL did not pan out as an alliance, but it showed the world that things are not as concrete as they seem. Everyone's water glass was murky at that time no matter how 'concrete' they believed their existing alliance to be. America, Brazil, and Russia all changed and have created some of the best friendships we've ever had. It is time to find out who our true friends are.

We will see clearly through the glass as time progresses...

Until then, we have no need for a formal alliance. Alliances come and go. Friend(BRO)ships stand.
America, I will leave you with some personal goals I have for myself and this country that will serve as a summary.

1. We will beat AFA. It may not be next month or the month after that. But, it will happen. We will not falter.

2. We will reaffirm and support the existing Broships. Maybe we will make some new friends as well. But, no matter what, we will stand by our Bros and act in a way that we believe supports the greater good of our three nations.

3. We will not rush headstrong into an alliance (or any other major decision). Big or small, no current alliance has much to offer our nations that we don't already have. Sure, it gives us an alliance, but it does not healthily foster the friendships we seek. Remember, when your mom forced you to play with someone you didn't like? Yea, that's an alliance HQ room.

You may ask 'But, Inwegen, why have you set goals that are so lofty/long-term?' Well, if there's one thing I've always felt was important about my time in this game, it's been to set the nation on track towards success. Sometimes I've been around to see the success, sometimes I haven't. But, I do wish to get this nation heading safely and logically further towards success.

Yes, America, I wish to be your President. Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have.


Thank you for your time reading and support in the future,
Vice President of the United States

You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

And, now, some important links/information:

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Keep informed. Get educated. Play the game.

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Inwegen Tag 1,827, 15:07


Trogdorthetroll100 Tag 1,827, 15:10

So much...words

Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Tag 1,827, 15:11


little baby
little baby Tag 1,827, 15:15

hail allies

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Tag 1,827, 15:17

God this makes me hard.

RegisAjR Tag 1,827, 15:27


Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Tag 1,827, 15:28


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,827, 15:32

Real American Patriots spell UNSAVORY correctly.

Go back to the UK you ONE operative.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Tag 1,827, 15:32


John Largo
John Largo Tag 1,827, 15:40

"lad's night"

other than that, nice.

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Tag 1,827, 15:47


John Killah
John Killah Tag 1,827, 16:08

Oh god this month is gonna be epic

Adam V Pro
Adam V Pro Tag 1,827, 16:50

^RGR look whos talking

pop George
pop George Tag 1,827, 17:03

are your parents proud of you now....LOL VP to a multi CP, licking the boots that walk on you, way to go.....

and as the owls would say, didn't read...

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Tag 1,827, 18:58

GL to you Inwegen

bigcdizzle Tag 1,827, 19:31


Viarizi Tag 1,828, 01:50


Thanks for the Voters Club money!

Candor Tag 1,828, 02:43

GD IT! I always wanted to see you as POTUS why oh why did you have to pick THIS month to run again! Argh.

GL Iggster.

Vito CorIeone
Vito CorIeone Tag 1,828, 03:00


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 1,828, 03:00

'Sometimes we take the fat bird so Brazil can get their white girl on.'

That one statement tells you all you need to know about Inwegen...'fat bird' -unfeeling and uncaring about citizens to say the very least...'get their white girl on' and most certainly racist...

Cicero Alvez
Cicero Alvez Tag 1,828, 03:09

"I will not call our opposition cheaters, for they are only playing with the same game mechanics accessible to us all."

"Do I blame any party involved for wanting to act on these paramount human characteristics? No, this is human nature and we must respect these basic laws."

"Remember, when your mom forced you to play with someone you didn't like? Yea, that's an alliance HQ room."


Finally, some logic from the elites. You got my vote, that's I can promise.

kronos777 Tag 1,828, 05:09


fingerguns Tag 1,828, 05:45

"Yes, America, I wish to be your President."

I got chills.

DokJon Tag 1,828, 08:03


Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Tag 1,828, 08:34

I have been gathering members for a meta alliance to sell damage to the highest bidder to offset loses caused by the lack of bonuses our past and present leaders have lost for us.

If anyone is interested in joining this alliance please PM me. I don't care what your political beliefs are or what country you serve. This will be used as a tool to solicit cooperation from the US government buy turning critical allied battles in the favor of the enemy until the us government brings back bonuses.

Maegalodonus Tag 1,828, 09:09

>3. We will not rush headstrong into an alliance (or any other major decision). Big or small, no current alliance has much to offer our nations that we don't already have. Sure, it gives us an alliance, but it does not healthily foster the friendships we seek. Remember, when your mom forced you to play with someone you didn't like? Yea, that's an alliance HQ room.


But regardless of the nice speech, you got to make things happen or things won't happen at all.

Maegalodonus Tag 1,828, 09:10


Da Bro'hood of EDEN vs Da Juniorship of TWO

Coming soon to theaters.

BeachBunny Tag 1,828, 09:49


weasel2 Tag 1,828, 10:58

PanAm will rise again like a phoenix. ^__^

Technician Tag 1,828, 12:27

PanAm went bankrupt in 1991 after 22 years it is safe to say I think it is dead.

ErrOrka Tag 1,828, 14:28

voted. good luck wiggy, you got my vote

Mr.Cypriot Tag 1,828, 14:53


jmurrib21 Tag 1,828, 16:40

V500. Hail Brazil. Hail USA. Hail Russia.

Gnilraps Tag 1,828, 17:39

I am totally voting for you bro

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,829, 13:55

514 votes... 34 comments...

yes, you are sooo popular... with POLISH VOTERS.

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