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[USA] ATO Hangover and AMP!

Tag 1,853, 17:50 von Luis Nordmann

Hello Americans,

Today I have another edition of “The Drunk Donkey”, in here we will have the Party President elections and ATO efforts, Immigration and Air Force Statistics/New Air Force Programs.

I’ll also take the opportunity to Present you the new AMP Leadership.

Party Presidential Elections

So, here’s a few things, ATO efforts yesterday were lead originally by Jefferson Locke for almost 17 hours, during the last hours, the ATO leaders were Dr Luis Sentieiro and John_Jay. The results of this ATO are, at the very least not very good. I’m not going to point fingers to anyone or put blames because, if the American Freedom Alliance wasn’t a PTO party, we wouldn’t need ATO efforts in first place.

Here are the results of yesterday elections:

AMP - Emdoublegee - 147 votes (60.25%) - Safe
United States Workers Party - 65 votes (50.00%) - Safe
We the People - John Jay - 127 votes (52.70%) - Safe
Federalist Party - Duncan Crowe - 122 votes (50.83%) - Safe
INCI - Stanisha - 58 votes (48.33%) - PTOed

So, we managed to secure our top 5 parties, but we lost INCI in the process.

Now, here’s another more interesting matter, well.. maybe not so interesting taking in consideration we can expect everything from this person but still.
So Jefferson Locke said, some time ago, a couple bad things about some of our government members, he did that with the intention of worming out information from the American Freedom Alliance and from Ajay as well.

Yesterday, during the ATO efforts under the leadership of Jefferson Locke, Ajay threatened our ATO leader to publish those logs and to destroy him and his reputation. To those with doubts, here are the logs with Ajay threatening Jefferson Lock:

I don’t know what is up in Ajay mind but I do condemn this kind of practice and this kind of threats, since this is not the first time something of the kind happens... I think we can expect anything from our “Dear Friend Ajay”.

Immigration Enforcement Service

To all International citizens wishing to acquire America Citizenship, please follow the instructions here: IES Immigration Instructions

Don’t go through any other instance and do not try to bribe any congressmen.

Air Force Activity Statistics

I’m happy to see an increase of activity around Air Force and I’m happy to announce our activity levels are around 70%. We are looking to improve this numbers and for that we are creating a program with rewards which will include a Soldier of the week for each wing, an Officer of the Week and a Senior Officer of the week.

The rules for this program are on the Air Force forum and can be consulted by any Airmen.

Airmen... AIM HIGH!!!!

Side note: But most likely the pie.

AMP New Leadership

Congratulations to Emdoublegee for winning the AMP Party President Primary and for winning the in-game election. I have to say it was a pleasure running against him on AMP and it was a very close race. When the Primary vote closed, both me and Emdoublegee were tied up with the same number of votes, after the tie breaking procedures, Emdoublegee won the primary by 1 vote. So as current AMP Chief of Staff, I present you the new AMP Leadership:

Party President: Emdoublegee

Chief of Staff: Dr Luis Sentieiro
Deputy Chief of Staff: George S Patton Jr

Communications Director: BeachBunny
Communications Deputy: Mr. Swagg

PAC Director: Soliden
PAC Deputy: CaseyJ

Legal Director: Jason Stratham Jr
Legal Deputy: Vacant

Retention Director: Bruce Hatton
Retention Deputy: syz2

Recruitment Director: Black Baroness
Recruitment Deputy: Free Area

Security Director: Blonde Ninja
Security Deputies: CrimsonNinja / soulsnight

I hope you enjoyed this time with “The drunk donkey” and we expect more hangovers soon.




Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 1,853, 17:50

First denied for a big ATO Hangover!!!

Othere Tag 1,853, 17:59

Voted for a piece of pie

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Tag 1,853, 18:06

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Tag 1,853, 18:08

Hey, that's me getting yelled at by a delusional megalomaniac

Good work as usual DLS

Syz2 Tag 1,853, 18:10

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

Vijalob Tag 1,853, 18:42

should read "top 4 parties" if I count correctly tonight

greeling Tag 1,853, 19:08

needs more greeling

weasel2 Tag 1,853, 19:51

Nice pie

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 1,853, 19:51

Vijalob, you're right, top 4. We consider top 5 per game mechanics but in fact there's only 4 legit parties.

eShades Tag 1,853, 21:19

Lol. #FortBragg entry message.

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Tag 1,854, 00:15

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 1,854, 01:04

eShades, also #airforce entry message.

ElvenCRO Tag 1,854, 02:03

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

kody5 Tag 1,854, 04:02

i wish ajay would come at the Feds

Norbengo Tag 1,854, 05:11

If you want to bring in ppl to fight against AFAs popular rise, you will have to get more bonuses :)))

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Tag 1,854, 09:23

Portuguese fag, you FAIL!!!

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Tag 1,854, 09:44

Dr Luis is the only other Dr I recommend to my patients.

BeachBunny Tag 1,854, 11:34


Obama.Putin Tag 1,854, 11:41

read, vote, sub, shout and laugh http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/pto-or-ato-2177259/1/20

Iamnameless Tag 1,854, 12:19

too full for pie just now, save me a piece for later pls

Hostilian Tag 1,854, 13:28

Kommentar gelöscht

morningblur Tag 1,854, 15:38

Well, well...Ajay(Ronald Gipper Reagan) threatening to harm someone over a browser game. Honestly at this point I expect no less of him. To those he has threatened, report him to the police. His real name (Ajay Bruno) is known. A name is all they require to investigate him. Your local police can forward the complaint to his local police.........simple as that.

Hostilian Tag 1,854, 15:39

lol, reporting for vulgarity is the way to go...


report away

morningblur Tag 1,854, 15:50

That's a real gem Hostilian. I don't understand what could be seen as offensive in your article. It's definitely a good read. I could see church groups around the nation making it required reading. Well done...well done

Hostilian Tag 1,855, 02:04

I agree @morningblur, I was pi**ed at the admins at the moment. They really should have some better filter of vulgar words imo. I got reported initially for saying "last time I got f*cked up", refering to the "hangover". I don't think that was appropriate.

Prezenter3 Tag 1,855, 09:44

Pozdrav drugari,dosao sam da vam prezentujem jednu sasvim novu igru
i ako vas ne mrzi,molim za shaut

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Tag 1,855, 11:13


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