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[USA & AMP] A Party President for AMP, Security and much more!!!

Tag 1,841, 18:04 von Luis Nordmann

Hello Americans,

Today I have another edition of “The Drunk Donkey” for you. I will be speaking about Immigration and Security, American Military Party President race, Air Force MU statistics, POTUS Unity candidate and much more. Please, stay tuned!

Immigration and Security

I know it my seem odd I start with this topic but lately it has been my main function, so here’s a way to put up things:

During the month of November, a list of 129 IES violations were registered, during this month, after 9 days of the new congressional term, I already noticed some more IES violations. I appeal to all Immigrants to follow the United States Constitution and apply for American Citizenship through the Immigration Enforcement Service, I would like also to enforce that if you don’t get approved by IES, please do not attempt to get citizenship by other illegal means. Do not help AFA to PTO our country.

You can apply for citizenship here: http://tinyurl.com/eUSIESApp
Check the application status here: http://tinyurl.com/IESAppStatus

I would like America to acknowledge the fact “The Intelligence Triumvirate” is doing the best it can to keep our borders safe and the PTOs on track. I won’t get myself very long on this new assets because it is classified information but I want America to know we are here and we will keep our borders safe.

At the center, in big plan Secretary of Homeland Security Kemal_Ergenekon , flanked by Artela, CIA Director on the left (viewers side) and by Dr Luis Sentieiro, IES Director on the right.

Fun Moment

American Military Party President Race

So, Party Presidentials are coming (some of you will smack me for saying this before POTUS elections and 11 days before the in-game election, but matter of fact, AMP PP nominations start right after POTUS elections) and I’m right here to announce, in first hand, my intentions to run for AMP Party President. Here is what I want to bring for objectives in case I get elected:

- I want the AMP Political Action Committee to keep up the good work of the last months choosing our congressman based in our own internal security clearances and objective criteria. I have no changes for this Department in specific.

- In regards of Legal, I expect my Legal Director to do a full revision on the AMP constitution, point out things that need to be improved/rewritten and add/delete necessary or unnecessary laws we might have. I also expect an amendment for a new Department we will have: AMP Media Department.

- I expect this triangle to work very smoothly: Recruitment, Media and Communications. I want to improve the media presence of AMP, from the common members to the highest influencing ones, I want everyone to have their say on the Media Module.

- In the Media Department specifically, I want to gather all AMP writers and continue the AMP Media Club Project, as well as the American News Network. I also want us to create a Radio show. For the Radio show we will need a Producer, a co-host and a switch operator as staff. I expect Media to handle timetables, reliable subjects and guests for the AMP Radio show. Occasionally, to improve inter-party relations, we expect to invite to our show members of other parties. Of course I’d like to underline AFA members will not be admitted on the AMP show as guests.

- I want Recruitment to write Recruitment articles for AMP so we can keep improving and growing. I like to see where AMP has got as a party and I’d like to keep improving as an American Powerhouse. I also expect Recruitment to keep Mass Messaging the new players to recruit them.

- I expect Communications to keep up the job so far done until now. I’d like to see Communications using Media Department as well for divulgation of important party information but I will leave this to the judgement of the Communications Director.

- In what concerns Retention I expect more games nights and I also want to take the initiative to have inter-party games with parties interested into it. I also want Retention to coordinate the interested AMP interns and assign them to the corresponding Departments and I expect Retention to create a “Reception to New Players Program” with the intuit to welcome our new AMP members and teach them the basics.

- Security and Technology Department will be very important this month, I want Security to do background checks on every party member on forum and clean up possible multies and AFA disguised members,I know this was done last month but I want to keep our own Forum secure. I also want Security to do background checks on whoever requests Party Access on forum, this way I expect to monitor security threats and to keep our party integrity secure. In regards of technology, i’m looking forward for the drawing of new tools we can use on AMP. I want our doors locked to leave the PTOs outside.

Alright this is all for AMP, I’m looking forward to listen to opinions/critics and change proposals to evolve our Party to an even higher level.

To everyone: Feel the AMPs!!!!

AMP Proposed Round Table Members will be present on the next edition of “The Drunk Donkey”, if you wish to apply for AMP Cabinet, you can do so by filling up this form: AMP PP Cabinet Application

Air Force Activity Statistics


December (data so far):

I’m really happy to notice Air Force activity levels are still improving, it is expected we reach the 70% of activity within the next weeks.

Airmen... AIM HIGH!!!!

Oh, also, I’d like to inform everyone that if USA ends up under a pto President, the Air Force Commanders will not obey his orders.

Personal Note to Ronald Gipper Reagan: Good luck replacing me and Emdoublegee from the Air Force, since you’re so fond of game mechanics, here’s something: You can’t replace a Military Unit Commander unless he resigns and gives the MU to someone else. You can’t replace 2nd Commanders, that’s something only the Commander can do. For someone who knows this guy for over 3 years I expected you to know this rather than just saying on an article comment regarding Air Force: “Emdoublegee you will be replaced”. Question: How? Because obviously you can’t. You fill the MU with Serbians and Hungarian PTOs? We will kick them all.

POTUS Unity Candidate

On the 5th December (Tomorrow), vote Inwegen for President of the United States!!! Do not let AFA win, keep America safe and cast your vote wisely!!!

America, I hope this article was informative and I hope AMP supports me in my race for AMP Party President.




Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 1,841, 18:04

First Denied for AMP PP race!!!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Tag 1,841, 18:07

Great article, good luck!

Chase Mason Mikeals
Chase Mason Mikeals Tag 1,841, 18:08


greeling Tag 1,841, 18:08

this article needs more greeling

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,841, 18:09

Soldiers who want supplies will join the new USAF

BeachBunny Tag 1,841, 18:09


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Tag 1,841, 18:10

This article needs more Feds.

But, AMP is pretty awesome.


john nwp
john nwp Tag 1,841, 18:11

voted Aim High

BeachBunny Tag 1,841, 18:13

what you giving out RGR like 2 or 3 tanks

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 1,841, 18:15

Lol RGR, good luck creating a whole new USAF.

emdoublegee Tag 1,841, 18:34

Feel the AMPs!!!!! Looking forward to the race against you this coming PP term!

Syz2 Tag 1,841, 18:40

Great Ideas! I like!

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 1,841, 18:40

^ Good luck man o/ It'll be an interesting race.

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Tag 1,842, 03:39

Good luck!

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 1,842, 05:23

Thanks The Great Ape! o/

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Tag 1,842, 06:31


Soliden Tag 1,842, 09:42


Great PAC Director or GREATEST PAC Director?

SSQuercus Tag 1,842, 12:16

v 714 + s 966 ))

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Tag 1,842, 13:29

Aim High

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 1,843, 01:06

I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Luis for PP.

He and I are old friends

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Tag 1,843, 02:34

Great article and good luck Luis !!

emdoublegee Tag 1,843, 03:24

lols at RGR....

kapahii Tag 1,843, 04:30

Wish u good luck

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 1,843, 04:45

'...to keep our borders safe and the PTOs on track.'

^^^...hope that was a Freudian slip...^^^

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 1,843, 05:23

@RGR, lol. Don't troll. I spoke to you a few times but I NEVER stood for you. That is a fact.

@Black Baroness, thanks (:

@Ichabod Adams, No Freudian slip there, as you and probably a lot more people know, there's no way we can get rid of AFA from one day to another, it's like a nasty cancer, you can treat it, you can manage it, but you can't take it off. So yeah, the only thing we can do is manage it so it doesn't grow. It's pretty simple. Hence why I said keep them on track.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 1,843, 14:08

Seems to me that tight borders and no bonuses has crippled Unity. Currently Unity's message is negative in nature, all they can do is criticize the AFA. While driving America into the ground by losing bonuses -but more importantly by losing Brothers across the world- so they may remain in power. Unity offers new citizens nothing, while AFA promises them anything they wish; new citizens don't know those promises are hollow.

...just for the LULZ OF IT ALL...!

James Buffet
James Buffet Tag 1,843, 15:13

Why keep voting for these same people again and again when we they dont do anything to expand our boarders?

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