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[The Don] India, My Beloved. Please grow up!

Tag 1,888, 00:01 Veröffentlicht in India Indien von DonMogul

It's been said that the quest for sanity and truth is the noblest occupation of man, but there are dragons lurking in the Dark Forests of Politics. And the names of these dragons are "Juvenile" and "Deliberate Distortion" and "Sheer, Wrongheaded Idiocy." We have in recent times bravely sallied forth to do battle with these dragons while we try to maintain our great country. It is with deepest regret that I must inform you...

The dragons won.

I am seriously reconsidering my future here in India. I am doing so because over the last few weeks I have become increasingly disillusioned and frustrated with the incessant and overly juvenile mud slinging.
I am all for pointing out flaws and mentioning mistakes made in the past by certain people or parties... but then the discussion inevitably degenerates towards the classic kindergarten conversation between two angry children:

Angry Child One: You made a mistake!
Angry Child Two: Maybe but you did this!
Angry Child One: I did not!
Angry Child Two: You did!
Angry Child One: JERK!
Angry Child Two: LOSER!

And so on and so forth, I am sure that by now you have gained the general idea.

My brothers and sisters, I am here today begging you to PLEASE GROW UP! I have been completely and thoroughly DISGUSTED with the manner in which we have treated many of our own. I thought we had learned something with the Sarfarosh saga. It has become apparent we have not.

I sincerely hope that everyone takes heed of this. If, brothers and sisters, this scenario carries on for too much longer I am leaving. And this time? I won't be coming back.




Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Tag 1,888, 00:07

Well said don...

Khurram Innocent Monster
Khurram Innocent Monster Tag 1,888, 04:01

Agree with you bro,

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Tag 1,888, 07:37

I am trying but its so hard...

Ind1anMartyr Tag 1,888, 09:20

perhaps some clarity on what you meant would have helped. It does not help when things are kept vague... it does not allow people to respond in a coherent manner and in fact sounds as disjointed as the message you are perhaps trying to put forward.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Tag 1,888, 10:47

Mystela Tag 1,888, 14:37


Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Tag 1,888, 14:52

You should run for CP....

DonMogul Tag 1,888, 16:30


I dont see how I could be any clearer. Indian citizens are at war with themselves and its time to stop it


Yeah and have a couple hundred multis vote against me for a candidate who didnt have any concrete policies or plans for his term in office whereas I did.

ArawnLives Tag 1,889, 23:36

A voice of reason amongst the shitstorm. Supported.

ashphalt Tag 1,889, 06:18

Voted. Thanks for saying what's been on my mind since I began playing. +1

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