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[Presidential Campaign] There must only be one Savior

Tag 1,955, 22:35 Veröffentlicht in Philippines Republik China (Taiwan) von Al Raposas

You have witnessed him at work as the current Prime Minister of the country. But now, he's going to take on something greater. The party president of Revolutionary Socialist Party had given me the chance to run again for Country President, against two Macedonians aspiring for the top position. Raposas extends his warm gratitude to the Turks for trusting him to lead the country best.

Al Raposas steps up their campaign by going to Vigan and Puerto Princesa to rally supporters. In the beginning of his campaign, the RSP standard bearer held the slogan Power to the people which he states as the overall total of his ideology and platform. He called on for promotion of individual achievement with utmost help from the state.

"... If one citizen does vote, is it insignificant? How then could you amass more votes if you do not start with something? Therefore, every individual in this country is important, the basic building block of society that we must help progress. The state must be obliged to take care of its citizens, as a human takes care of his body cells."

He continues:

"... Emulating Quezon, I say today: It would be better for a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than a Philippines run like heaven by Macedonians. We have been under Macedonian leadership for far too long. What we need is a new Philippines, rebuilt from the old, so that we can further move forward. I trust the people again, who have shown the power they can unleash last March, to show again such power this April. Tell me, is loyalty better than service? What we need now is service, and a quick one!"

Raposas also emulated some ideas for the Holy Week in his campaign:
"... Jesus Christ stayed only on Earth for a mere three years, but now his following is around two billion. Where now are the loyal priests that created 613 laws for the Jews? They are now being continually threatened by the Arab world, and their numbers decreasing. The same for today. I may have been with you for a short period of time, my current avatar began last October, but I tell you this, the Philippines only needs one savior, and that savior has to act fast in a world like here in Erepublik. I offer you that quick and immediate service!"

RSP officials:
President: tolgaksk
Secretary General: Chasca nahrimeD

Erepublik Wiki profile of Al Raposas.


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Tag 1,955, 23:13


RaymondN Tag 1,956, 08:41

Imelda became a cat. Lol

tolgaksk Tag 1,956, 10:35


BaZ Glow In The Dark
BaZ Glow In The Dark Tag 1,957, 01:21

Fight here for India -> http://www.erepublik.com/en/military/battlefield/39863

Easy bhs, all divisions -.-
Come on, join fight, grab your medal and flag!

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