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|Philippines MoD| Sign up for supplies! Boost your rank NO.8

Tag 1,956, 19:24 Veröffentlicht in Philippines Philippinen von BaZ Glow In The Dark


The supply program would still continue. So kindly answer this survey, which is only open for citizens below Level 33. Please follow the instructions carefully, and do not use the article link as your profile link. Expect to get aid from the Ministry of Defense in less than 24 hours.

Here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/philippinesmodsupply


Ipagpapatuloy pa rin ang programang ito. Pakisagutan ang surbey na ito na bukas lamang para sa mga mamamayang may antas na mas mababa sa ika-33 antas. Pakiusunod ng maayos ang mga panuto at huwag gamitin ang Natatanging Lugar Kuhanan ng artikulo bilang iyong Natatanging Lugar Kuhanan. Asahang makakuha ng tulong mula sa Kagawaran ng Tanggulang Pambansa sa tinatayang panahon na dalawampu't-apat na oras.

Mag-sign up sa ang pagkalat na ito para sa suplay: http://tinyurl.com/philippinesmodsupply

BaZ GraveDigger
Philippines Minister of Defense
Philippine Eagle Commander


BaZ Glow In The Dark
BaZ Glow In The Dark Tag 1,956, 19:30

For shout:

Fight here for India -> http://www.erepublik.com/en/military/battlefield/39863

Easy bhs, all divisions -.-
Come on, join fight, grab your medal and flag!

David Pineda
David Pineda Tag 1,957, 11:38


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