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[DLS4POTUS] A Sexy Platform arises!

Tag 2,076, 17:31 von Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow eAmericans,

As promised, I bring you my complete platform. In order to not bore you to death with long walls of text, I will make each department with goal topics so you can have a general overview of what I expect from my administration. An overview of what you can expect from me, with strong, focused and directed objectives for the good of this nation.

Foreign Policy

This is one of the most important topics right now, so here come the objectives:

- Approach old allies/neutral or potential new friends in order to either:

a) Try to get them to potentially join CoT
b) Try to make sure they coordinate their damage and efforts against the oppression of TWO around the eWorld.

Countries on the line of sight: China, Spain, Poland, Hungary. This list is subject to more additions depending on the diplomatic course of things.

- Approach CoT and apply new policies in order to allow active and competent members in the HQ rather than each country having their turn. I value way more competence at this point and CoT needs it.

- Continue to work with CoT. I know some people, maybe more than just a few, consider CoT to not be the right alliance for us right now and we should leave. I haven't lost my faith on it yet and if CoT has issues, we have our quota of responsibility because we are part of it.

Department of Defense

- Submitting officers and commanders to performance evaluation in regards of the USAF.

- Accountability audits and studies to cut down expenses and make the budget more efficient.

- Applying plans of rewards privately funded to increase the USAF activity.

- Pushing towards making some rules homogeneous around the whole USAF regarding supplies and moving costs.

- Continue and strengthen the communication between USAF and US-AIM in order to plan strategy and have coordinated damage.

- Continuing to liberate our regions and move us towards recovering our land. This measure together with foreign policy will have the objective to make this war more balanced and winnable.

- Consider the fun thing of maybe sending bombs to Belgrade. (NATO \o/)

Department of Interior

- Continue running the current programs

- Pushing for fund raises in order to be able to have huge amounts of supplies and packs for the new players.

- An event named "USA Hunger Games" will take place for anyone who is a minecraft player. More details on this event will be provided on the next article and I will be more than willing, should I lose this election, to share this plan with the winning administration.

Department of Education

- Continue with the American University Program in order to continue mentoring the new players.

- Making video tutorials for the new players to have access to.

- Possibly making a whole Educational website with a new set of tools.

- Running entertaining and educational programs such as the old scavenger hunt done many months ago.

Department of Media

- Between 2 to 3 WHPRs a week.

- Recover eNPR from the ground and consider a new set for radio broadcasting.

- 2 weekly open sessions with the President on IRC to answer any question the population might ask on a specific IRC public room to be announced.

- Regular Presidential updates.

- Coordination with both meta-congress and ingame congress (implying we get one next month) in order to discuss and have executive input on congressional matters.

Department of Homeland Security

- Continue to track down PTOers and watch them.

- Protect the country with ATO operations during both PP elections and congressionals as is tradition.

- Making a cross database between all agencies for blacklisting purposes.

- Kick the AFA permanently out of the Top 5 and get rid of Unity elections for good.

Last notes

If you want to explore any of this measures in detail, feel free to message me or comment this article asking for any detail in particular. I will gladly answer. I have a large wall of text filled with answers to a lot of pertinent questions asked by a federalist member named crashthompson (if I misspelled your name, sorry man), I will add those answers to my next article as a support to the platform I just posted.

The PotUS Campaign Series!

1) – Unity, an Announcement and a Leadership!

2) – A Sexy Platform arises!

3) - Cabinet and Final words!

If you need to know anything regarding DLS4POTUS campaign, please click one of the following buttons! You will likely find me in my own IRC campaign room #DLS4POTUS

Thank you for reading! Always in service for a sexy and strong America...

Dr Luis Sentieiro



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,076, 17:32

First denied!


Where are those caps ?

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Tag 2,076, 17:45

"Department of Media
- Between 2 to 3 WHPRs a week.
- Recover eNPR from the ground and consider a new set for radio broadcasting."

as SecMed for Dr Luis, you can be damn sure the Media Dept will hit the ground running, and hit its marks-- and then some.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,076, 18:21

Couldn't expect any less from the best secretary of media eUSA has ever had!

Clydeo Tag 2,076, 17:51

Clasic crash wall of questions

SColbert Tag 2,076, 17:58


RaccoonGoon Tag 2,076, 18:02

I like the idea of open IRC Q&As.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,076, 18:23

Wanted to do that for a while i'm glad you enjoy the idea.

arith seneviratne
arith seneviratne Tag 2,076, 19:17

i will vote for you since i believe you change eUSA for the good for our nation which currently suffer and als pls get rip of this trouble marker in our nation that is the PTOers

Dr. Walter Bishop
Dr. Walter Bishop Tag 2,076, 19:44

DLS, you need to devour Oblige before he devours you.

Ludonarr Tag 2,076, 20:22

Yay platitudes. 4.7 from the East German judge

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Tag 2,076, 22:13

You remind me of all those great RL American "patriots" defending the illegal, unconstitutional NSA domestic spying operation.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 00:02


HeapSeppo Tag 2,077, 02:15

I do not know that it's a good choice to choose someone who gets his jimmies so easily rustled.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 04:09

I'm not Nice to PTOers. They should be thrown under the bus. Like I stated before, you'll realize my temper depends on who I deal with.

HeapSeppo Tag 2,077, 04:15

Does not mean that you have to write stuff "F*C* OFF PTOERS!" 24/7.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 07:25

Valid point, but once again... Not with everyone.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 2,077, 10:17

..as opposed to a RL American 'patriot' stalker like yourself, who has sold his soul to Serbia; STFU traitor....

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Tag 2,077, 17:48

oh, we're comparing game to RL now, are we?
tell you what, Ajay..
You remind me of all those self-proclaimed "patriots" who (also) wrap themselves in the flag and beat opposition down with a cross; who purposely hinder the American process because Party > America; who scream for secession from the Union (because they haven't changed their calendar or had an original thought in over 150 years) but are the first to demand Yankee Federal money when God strikes their State with a natural disaster (because of unwed mothers and sinful homosexuals).
You remind me of every senseless and selfish hater whose voices only serve to separate and divide people from one another, all the while playing pick-and-choose from the Old Testament to justify their destructive actions.
You remind me of the plague, Ajay, for the way you infect society.

HeapSeppo Tag 2,077, 02:55

"Countries on the line of sight: China, Spain, Poland, Hungary. This list is subject to more additions depending on the diplomatic course of things."

2 countries that are currently occupying us, exactly how would that work? Do we even want that considering how things are currently? Considering that they refused us in Imperium, why would we keep on trying?

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 04:05

We had a past with them of good relations. TWO is crumbling and it will eventually implode. It might not be this month or the next, but it will. While it is true 2 of them are occupying us and it is true they denied us at Imperium, I don't take that from a defeatist view. If they were open enough to at least consider, they might be open to other future deals.

Lastly, look at both CoT and TWO damage and compare them. There's no way we can bring the fight to them without more allies and more coordination. The only reason we were able to recover some of our regions is because TWO is busy with a lot of other RWs they consider a prio. What do you think it will happen when TWO turns their attention Back to us again if we don't pursue more allies? We will be Back to wipe and ephemeral wins.

We need fire power. Plain and simple.

HeapSeppo Tag 2,077, 04:14

Why would they turn their prio back here? They got nothing to earn here, only Hungary does. With organized attacks + that Hungary got a huge trade route here makes it very unpractical to go for resources here. Right now they have just tried to hold on as much as possible, they got no reason to get all the regions back to wipe us again.

We might have had good relationships before, things have changed, they might change again in the future but right now they are big time enemies to us and should not be our allies right now.

nimnul Tag 2,077, 07:06

There are 2 strategies:
- to engage more allies and work on coordination in order to defeat the enemy
- to please the enemy, to try to curry favor with him
You can't follow both at the same time

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 2,077, 10:23

Yes to Spain and China, both of whom were good allies until the 'Pfeifferist Regime' screwed them over for Poland; no to Poland and Hungary -Poland strung us along with CTRL then denied us on Imperium and I just don't like Hungary....

oroosoo Tag 2,077, 03:04

Kommentar gelöscht

Delyruin Tag 2,077, 04:10


Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 07:24

Lol. Idk what are you trying to achieve, voters club has been used by all candidates.

Wild Owl Tag 2,077, 03:12

Kommentar gelöscht

nimnul Tag 2,077, 06:55

Countries on the line of sight: ... Poland, Hungary
Does that mean you want to repeat old mistakes with CTRL and not so old with Imperium? You want your bitter enemy to become an ally, but are there any reasons for that? Are your ready to sacrifice your principles to achieve that?

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 11:22

The idea is not to bring them into CoT where someone would quite possibly veto them. Or having us move into Imperium where they will not accept us. My point is: If they considered to leave TWO, it might be worth a shot and see if they'd leave our lands. I still haven't given up CoT as you well noticed on my article.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Tag 2,077, 08:37

DLS: a man and his fantasies.

Leather Neck
Leather Neck Tag 2,077, 09:27

Continue to work with CoT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

You lost me.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 10:17

I don't think the alliance is beyond salvation yet. But we do need more allies.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Tag 2,077, 10:26

I agree we should make every effort to keep CoT alive, especially by Americans taking on key rolls in CoT HQ; but your method is to reminiscent of the whole CTRL debacle....

Leather Neck
Leather Neck Tag 2,077, 10:43

I don't think so, CoT has demonstrated that it cannot be organized enough to make any difference. TBH, we would be better off strengthening state and going on our own choosing our allies as we go.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 11:15

Not exactly Drew Blood. I don't plan to bring Poland and Spain into CoT unless it is that what they want. Although I do think, if they considered to leave TWO and create Imperium, we should at least have them off TWO and see if they coordinate with us against them and give back our regions. It has nothing to do with CTRL, it's actually a lot different.

Pompous Tag 2,077, 12:17

Between 2 to 3 WHPRs a week.

Are these whoppers of lies?

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 16:05

No. It is actually something I do intend to achieve together with my Media team.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Tag 2,078, 01:25

We're doing that now, WHPR is the easy part, eNPR I'll be the first to admit I dropped the ball on that.

BeeBeeBee Tag 2,077, 12:24

Thanks for the Update -

BeeBeeBee Tag 2,077, 12:24

Kommentar gelöscht

SpeedcatMcNasty Tag 2,077, 14:00

'I value way more competence at this point'
No offense but get someone to proof your articles. I value competence way more at this point... Your article is full of small errors. With the whole Free Area thing could potentially be looked at as another sleeper.

Other than that good luck going forward.

The Valeyard
The Valeyard Tag 2,077, 15:31

"Accountability audits and studies to cut down expenses and make the budget more efficient."

You should know better as AF CO, CO's have been filing in reports and there have been audits the last 6+ months I hardly doubt there is a lot more way to cut down expenses in uSAF. It's the same story really every month a new president comes in and wants to cut down expenses and every month USAF CO's have to fill in the report with basically the same numbers. Just cutting down cost won't cut it anymore there is not much more there can be cut down imho, if you want to cut down cost you'll have to do something drastic but this audits are nothing more then a nuisance for USAF CO's at least that's my experience.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,077, 16:12

I know about the reports, I did many of them myself and I know the measures AF applied to cut down costs and those measures held for 6 months of AF not overspending money. What I really want to know is what are the other MUs doing exactly to cut costs. Are they asking for RW donations within the MU? Are they buying tanks instead of communing because it's a little cheaper? This are the sort of things I want to know. I do value your opinion considering you were a CO as well, but we need to find alternatives.

On a personal note:
I like the Francis Underwood image. You watch the "House of Cards"?

The Valeyard
The Valeyard Tag 2,077, 21:10

Just finished the first season yesterday

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,078, 05:13

Good, you have a good series taste.

lancer450 Tag 2,077, 15:32

I agree with HeapSeppo's comments above.

olivermellors Tag 2,077, 17:12

Can you clarify the money issue a bit please.

At present, without an in game congress, is there a way to use the eUS currency account? i.e. can the President take money out of treasury without a congress?

If all the currency in treasury is "locked", how much other money is there available to the President, where is it and how does he access it/ how should he access it?

Understanding money is indeed important.

kind regards

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Tag 2,078, 04:34

Well, that's a bit of game mechanics and let's go to an explanation:

The President cannot access the ingame treasury (country accounts) and propose donations. That is a proposal only available to congressmen. On the other hand, the President can access any National Org by sending a ticket to the erepublik admins.

I don't know of any President that requested to access the Congressional Budget Office organization, which is the org that keeps our money reserve. That org is under the control of the Economic Council and the EC distributes the money according to the budget approved each month by the US Congress. Whenever there is an emergency request (such as for war expenses), the President or the Secretary of Defense may request the SCI for input for extra funds.

You can see the reserve directly here: http://www.erepublik.com/en/economy/citizen-accounts/1384821

That is the link to the CBO where the whole reserve is.

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