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Tag 1,995, 09:11 von bananaboy378

Greetings fellow peasants.

Recently, i have been skeptical of new era, and in particular one of their leaders: bigant.

However, i have recently uncovered a dastardly plot by TUP to destroy the UK.

My 1st clue was this when i logged into irc:

At 1st glace, it appears to be a harmless list of irc names, however, i will add paint to share with you my revelation.

OMG!!! A bow!! A weapon of war!! Pointed at the IRC channel. So, as a committed new era wanna-be, i decided to investigate for evidence of TUP being behind it.

ButJam - member of UKRP
Frerk - member of UKRP
mittekemuis - no political party (note to self, must spam till joins later)
ApronChef - member of UKRP
Ayame Crocodile - member of PCP, small party (note to self, must bully till merges into New Era)

Now, there is not a single TUP player there, so, i can conclude that TUP is using the other parties to try to destroy the UK. The dastardly, scheming low-lifes.

So, i decided to ask some prominent players about this situation.

'Who are you? stop pinging me! No, i don't want to join new era!'

As you can clearly see here, Talon_karde agreed with me 100%, and then commented how awesomes my articles are and that i should stroke my ego more.

Again, you can see here, he agrees with me 100% and thinks that i should defiantly run for CP next term. But i am humble so will not as the UK would be too awesomes if i did.

'What to join new era? i'll give you 10g. Vote my article, i'll give you 10g. But seriously, join new era. We stop the oldfags taking over. I have only been playing the game 3 years over 5 accounts, so know. That is why i should be cp.'

Post this, it dissolved into ranting about how evil TUP are, so i had to nod and agree every so oftern, so i didn't get reported for being a multi.

So, as we see here, TUP are clearly at the epi-center of a massive scheme to rob the UK treasury, the devilish people. Once again, new era saves the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (explication marks make things cool, so that is uber cool).

But yeah, here is a copy and paste of a previous article.



Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Tag 1,995, 09:14

10g to join New Era?! yowza!

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Tag 1,995, 09:14


FightAndProduce Tag 1,995, 09:16

I'm hidin in yo articles


CptChazbeard Tag 1,995, 10:04

My gawd. It all makes sense now

Lionbeard Tag 1,995, 10:35

Truly shocking.

Thank you bananaboy. Your investigative skills will be most important for the future safety of the eUnited Kingdom.

Down with TUP!

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Tag 1,995, 12:07

Great article but i still think you are a Big Ant multi (he has enough to start his own eCountry) and this is a ruse article.

WayneKerr Tag 1,995, 13:20


Bohemond4 Tag 1,995, 14:13

Darn it, how on earth did you discover our plot?

bananaboy378 Tag 1,995, 21:30

Cuz i am cleverz.

surferdude Tag 1,995, 21:05

Is it ok if I join NE, then quit, then join, then quit, then join ect.
Is the gold a one time thing, or can be redeemed every time?

bananaboy378 Tag 1,995, 21:33

i have had dis idea....

Frerk Tag 1,996, 03:38


Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Tag 1,996, 04:33


painkiller789 Tag 1,996, 09:25

Oh no the most evil weapon in the universe, the BOW. It is more destructive than a nuclear bomb and it is lighter than a feather. Oh how we are all doomed.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Tag 1,996, 10:42

Nice to see New Era are living rent free inside your head.

New Era the name on everyone's lips !

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