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13 Dia 1,239, 20:11 Publicado em Canada Canada

For those of you keeping track of the most recent events concerning the CAF and TCO you are well aware of the fact that the CAF has kidnapped one of our most well known members. Gemma.

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Keep what you kill - or build - with the MDP!

12 Dia 1,226, 21:02 Publicado em Canada Canada

Tired of working for an oppressive boss that doesn't care about you?

Tired of going into every battle with nothing but your fists and your wits?
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Congress, Pictures..... MAGIC????

3 Dia 1,218, 12:02 Publicado em Canada Canada

Friends, eCanadians, Countrymen --- LEND ME YOUR EYES!

I see you've clicked on my article. Let me start off by thanking you. I realize it took a lot of effort for you to do that and I certainly appreciate it. Hopefully I'm not going to far when I

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5 Weeks - Ain't that some Ish.

9 Dia 1,217, 21:01 Publicado em Canada Canada

Well the Hammer of Justice came down on me.

The punishment? A 5 week ban. FIVE WEEKS.

What did I do that was so bad?

I wrote and answered the questions in Rolo's defense. Sneaky and underhanded? Sure. Wrong? I don't think so.

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It's not funny anymore.

71 Dia 1,214, 22:43 Publicado em Canada Canada

For those of you keeping up on the latest and greatest in eCanadian Forumness you're well aware that as the Rolo case was ending I decided to Charlie Sheen it a little and go off in what I thought was a clear display or sarcasm.

Apparently other

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