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Ambassadors May-June 2011

3 Dia 1,263, 15:32 Áustria Análise e debates políticos Análise e debates políticos

This is not a usual edition of 'The Britannian'. The purpose of this is to explain more in-depth about the job of an eAustrian ambassador.

I'll try to be as brief as possible.

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Striped Sweaters and Congress

3 Dia 1,220, 17:28 Áustria

Who’s ready to debate about striped sweaters?! :D

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So then, what now?

2 Dia 1,194, 20:07 Áustria

Ok, I’m going to try once again to have a weekly or bi-weekly, or a ‘whenever I feel like writing articles’ issues. So, I’m sure we’ve all seen Nettoboy’s [url=http://www.erepublik. … mais informações »

Congressional Elections - oh yeah!

8 Dia 1,187, 22:08 Áustria

Alright, so it’s that time of the month again for our government. Where you get bombarded with congressional manifestos. However, Mine will be a bit different.

I have run multiple … mais informações »

The Britannian Online!

4 Dia 1,186, 19:16 Áustria

I have created a website which will make posting my articles a bit easier as well as provide a bit of background information on myself. Here is the link:

I would like opinions/comments/questions on this new feature

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