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i have one too

why you should buy a q1 house!

3 Dia 2,535, 04:57 Publicado em USA USA Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

q1 houses produce overtime tickets. with those tickets you can work more than once a day thus making you money!

so how much money can be made.

it is the difference between the cost of the house and the after tax take home pay.

tax is at

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why we should increase the minnimum wage!

5 Dia 2,531, 15:21 Publicado em USA USA Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

assumption america will always maintain 60% or greater house bonuses.

alright. so increasing the minimum wage how will this help america?

it will force all those who commune to stop avoiding taxes!
we raised the tax rate to increase the

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Buying q1 houses!

2 Dia 2,523, 05:12 Publicado em USA USA Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

ok so your getting extra energy or will be once the tournament starts!

you will need extra room to store that energy.

so buy a house or two!

if you buy a q1 house you might be able to even increase your weekly income, therefore allowing

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Dear Swiss Fellows!

9 Dia 2,520, 04:11 Publicado em Switzerland Switzerland Ordens de batalha Ordens de batalha

Soon we will inaugurate officially this MU. We have for objective to promote Swiss Talents in the game. We may be a small country, but we are great players!

Though we may not all be IRL Swiss or eSwiss, we are all eSwiss by heart! We are all

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i need help calculating cost per increase in damage for different quality weapons.

3 Dia 2,498, 13:13 Publicado em USA USA Primeiros passos no eRepublik Primeiros passos no eRepublik

so i am goinjg to assume military rank and strength stay the same and only changing weps is what influences damage.

so i am confused because weps have different durability and fire power.

i assumed i could take the cost divide it by the

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