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i have one too

Please start printing money!

6 5 dias atrás EUA Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

I know only the government can find a way to print money but please spend the time and take the risks to print the money! even if you have to pay someone half the profits it would be worth it as long as that person is an american!

currency is

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whats the poverty line for erepublik? plus free q7 weps

34 Dia 2,468, 06:16 EUA Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

how much money does a person need to make a day in order to use all their energy?

that is what i think the poverty line should be!
here is my numbers of where i think it should be drawn.
q3 house 400 usd for 7 days = 57 usd per day

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taking a new job from the market?

3 Dia 2,466, 04:40 EUA Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

it is my opinion that a person should only quit their job and take a new one if the pay for the new job is three time the pay for the old job!

why? because the players who want these new jobs only want 10 work days. if they hire 10 people. and

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Food raw .04, q6 food approaching 0.42 all food prices rising!

4 Dia 2,423, 13:58 EUA Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

if you know you will want to fight and help America in the next several resistance wars buy your food now and save it for when prices get high!

no one wants to be stuck buying food when it is high, but with raw food being .04 food prices will

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jkeller4000's wep storage!

4 Dia 2,420, 03:53 EUA Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

we have seen in the past when two nations go after eachother and both have large reserves then wep prices go really high and people cannot afford them any more!

so because two nations are not going after eachother! i decided it would be

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