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21 Dia 791, 23:29 Publicado em USA USA

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A Fed Party: Burn Notice

25 Dia 783, 12:39 Publicado em USA USA

You know you're going to watch it anyway... why not nerd out with people in eRepublik?

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I'm real happy for you, and I'ma let you finish...

50 Dia 710, 06:05 Publicado em USA USA

... but the eUS had one of the greatest victories of ALL TIME.

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Embracing federalism. Leaving the Federalists.

29 Dia 689, 13:18 Publicado em USA USA

I haven't really addressed this issue directly in public, although I've had this private conversation a number of times now. May as well just get it all out there. I've left the Federalists and am joining the Democratic Party. Allow me to explain...

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The Fed Revival, Part II: Maintaining Progress

7 Dia 664, 23:21 Publicado em USA USA

Although most parties had elected strong, reasonable leaders and had begun to focus on self-improvement for the sake of the nation, some people have questioned whether the new atmosphere would be able to last. Could we possibly maintain the desire

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