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New Era -> New Member Bonus and Weekly Supply

Dia 1,841, 12:55 por Goku Jones

At New Era we help new and unknown players become "Legends", players known for their good works like articles, recruitment and running the country. This helps you because you will be able to win elections and get jobs much easier if people know who you are and what you can do.

To give you a kick start, I am starting the New Era Legends programme. This means supplying the New Era Party like most Military Units supply their soldiers. All supply will be given between 5pm and 10pm every day.

I want to get more New Era players active and interested in the game, you can't be a legend if you don't play! This will help you to earn Gold and get Rankups. This week it will open as a test to see how many people sign up.

If it works then we will give the tanks away in exchange for little daily tasks, like voting some articles or answering questions on the future of New Era. Organised like this we can help each other become legends as we vote our articles to the top of the media and push for the same goals.

New Era Legends Programme

All you have to do to get this bonus is join New Era and send me a message! That's it!
Then you get 160 Fights worth of Maximum Damage to get your rank skyrocketing.

To get your weekly supply, all you have to do is comment on this article and answer a question on the future of New Era.

That question is "Do you support UK Phase One Expansion as an official New Era policy?"

That means trying to get a region swap with Poland to take French Rubber, for the Weapons Production Bonus. Before we do this we will increase our population and make stronger alliances with our neighbours such as Spain and USA.

Please comment in this article:
1. "New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion"
2. "New Era o/ I oppose UK Rubber Expansion"

This article was written by a member of New Era, Join the newest political movement in the UK!
* Run for Congress!
* Fight for the UK!
* Make eUK a better place!

New members receive 16 Q7 Weapons as a bonus to get you started, and our members run regular giveaways in articles and in the party shout bar.

Get in touch at #NewEra and #BulldogsHQ on Rizon IRC, Comment or send me a PM.

- Sage Goku, Party President of New Era


Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,841, 13:07

New Era on the way to taking 2nd Place in the Party Rankings!

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Dia 1,841, 13:12

New Era hand's out tanks and food each day and promote New players look how many you got into congress last term , well done, I like this New Era program !


Aces man
Aces man Dia 1,841, 13:12

Nice move

Titanicus Dia 1,841, 13:21

New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion HAIL GOKU

Bohemond4 Dia 1,841, 13:21

we already have an alliance with Spain FYI

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,841, 13:22

I know. We can make better friends with them yes? There is always something...

K.P.Tatschner Dia 1,841, 13:28

"New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion"

sancteandrea Dia 1,841, 13:38

New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion

DonKokona Dia 1,841, 14:01

New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion

Alfagrem Dia 1,841, 14:06

Me plans to copy your offer but add +1

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,841, 14:25

Alfagrem I think your offer is already better, you have more wealth than me!

However New Era can offer many congressmen and a real chance at changing the UK which rank #6 can't offer right now.

Also New Era has a real message and aim which I will always be aiming to communicate better. The other parties really don't.

Ok guys I'm off to bed for work tomorrow. Continue to comment to get your weapons tomorrow at 5pm.

Victor Ki
Victor Ki Dia 1,841, 15:31

New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion

Elisa Vorimberg
Elisa Vorimberg Dia 1,842, 00:27

"Do you support UK Phase One Expansion as an official New Era policy?" Yes
New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion

JetFire077 Dia 1,842, 02:10

I approve i think it's great plan for eUK.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,842, 06:05

Everyone supports expansion, it's just completely infeasible. I support having 20,000 citizens and 10/10 resources, I just recognise that it won't happen any time soon.

If you ask people if they think it is possible to /hold/ French rubber for a significant amount of time within the next 6 months you'd have the right question, but not the answer you are looking for.

tsakali Dia 1,842, 11:41

v89 s360 shouted added

Perichlis the Great
Perichlis the Great Dia 1,842, 11:47

v90 s361

blakzamurai77 Dia 1,842, 11:52


Thanasimos Dia 1,842, 11:58

v97 s361

Fardware Dia 1,842, 12:19


HutsulUA Dia 1,842, 13:10

110/364 sh

Kulinero Dia 1,842, 15:55

New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion

Prince Sheogorath
Prince Sheogorath Dia 1,842, 16:57

I think you should release an article on your full plans to implement the bonus increase thing. A strong plan to implement your ideas is usually enough to win me over! As of now I'm currently struggling to see how much a thing can be achieved.

mickdude Dia 1,842, 19:49

This is great!

TTXXX Dia 1,843, 02:01

v 129, I support New era for UK expansion.

zdavies Dia 1,843, 02:07

New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion

mattone Dia 1,843, 03:23

v 130

AdmiralNelson Dia 1,843, 03:34

a war was infeasable when we wanting one of those f*ckers as well danie until a few hours later when tup pulled one out of their arse for campaign reasons

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,843, 06:32

The situation changed when we joined TWO, MPPed Brazil and convinced the next CP of Belgium to NE us rather than us having to NE someone. I hope they still do it now we have different people up top.

LoveIan Dia 1,843, 07:07

"New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion"

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,843, 07:20

And of course Danie, committing to an alliance happened out of the blue mid afternoon to change your comments so suddenly and wasn't planned for months?

This kind of political stunt - lying to make people look bad when you have secret information proving the opposite - cost you the election.

You just can't go from "war is impossible" to "war is good now" in the space of a few hours, you had to know that the alliance was coming which would make training wars safer..

Percy Spencer
Percy Spencer Dia 1,844, 01:08

New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion

OLDStrategy Dia 1,844, 09:17

BIG V- Shout +1

Tvrtkolino Dia 1,847, 11:10

New Era o/ I support UK Rubber Expansion v134 s374

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