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How noobs can make money....

Dia 1,943, 16:33 por bananaboy378

Now, being a noob and not buying G no-a-days is very hard... most companies make little to no money, and supplies are needed for growth; so, being a noob myself, i thought i'd share my knowledge of what to do...

Stage one: Free scheme's

Now, there are many, many good scheme's at the moment for newer players, there is the NHS, and there are tons on the forums.

Link to the free stoof on the forums:

New player section on the forums

Also, the NHS is invaluable for younger players... Literally, every food and cc that goes into it is worth 10x's it to new players than you... so a quick thankyou to all the wonderful people that give to it and run it...

Anyways, a link to the NHS form

Stage two: working

Working is something you do daily, irl and in-game... so, choosing where to work is important.

Now, working daily for 30gbp isnt really all that much sadly, about 0.107g daily...

But, some rather nice people have got together and made commune systems. Again, these are amazing things, that basically, you work for 1 currency, but get free weapons/food... Now, normally, you have to be in a organisation such as a party, or a MU, so without further ado, going from biggest amount of stoof made daily, and requirements:

List of communes
New Era - requirements: be a member of the political party: New Era
Legion - requirements: be a member of the military unit: The legion
TUP - requirements: be a member of the political party: TUP
Tank Nation - requirements: be a member of the military unit: Tank Nation
Royal Navy - requirements: be a member of the military unit: Royal Navy

Stage three: Training ground

Now, most of you will look at companies and drool, but they make very little money... So, i would suggest upgrading your free training ground next...

It makes you get more strength quicker, and much sooner between Super soldier medals (and 5g :3 )

Stage four: Companies

Now, when you have a level 3 training ground, you should be looking and getting some companies finally.

Now, the 1st thing you will need is raw companies... you have no cost and get money, as normally q1 food and weapons do not sell sadly, and it lets to expand into normal companies.

When you have a few grain companies, i would suggest expanding to get a q1 or 2 food company, becoming less reliant on the NHS system.

From here, the goal is to expand into creating self reliance (making enough food to not have to buy any, and make daily order at least, every day).

When you have achieved that, you can expand into Total self relience.

This is a long long way off, but basically, you make as many q7 weps and as much food as you can possibly use daily. It, in my eyes, is when you 'win the game'. Getting to this point means you can start developing your nation, donating vast amount of food to NHS yourself, and everyone wants to touch you...

So yeah, most of all, remember to have fun!



Jamie2721 Dia 1,943, 17:06

Sadly one of the best ways for new players to make money is probably by joining the voters club

Also, upgrading your free training centre is much more profitable than any company

Do TUP really offer commune jobs? I never knew that

Voted, good article regardless

Fritz179 Dia 1,943, 19:06

Good article,
and 30 GBP daily is .107 gold, not .001 gold

Huey George
Huey George Dia 1,944, 04:38

Voted, a good guide for newer citizens to consider \o/

John F Baker
John F Baker Dia 1,944, 10:32

Smart article, good stuff.

Sir Jimmie Akesson
Sir Jimmie Akesson Dia 1,944, 13:26

Strength and Honour

Alexandre Abrantes
Alexandre Abrantes Dia 1,945, 08:14

im not anywhere near making Q7 and i already am a supplier to newer players, still being new myself

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Dia 1,945, 12:18

buying a food company is worse than buying RM companies and then buying food. Food is really cheap you don't need to make it yourself, just make money and buy food!

vl125 Dia 1,945, 14:50

/sign @ elvis

go for ~100wrm factories and everything will be nice and smooth

Alphabethis Dia 1,945, 15:16

yeah, WRM are the best, but recently FRM have increased a lot their value, due to saturation of WRM.

reti red
reti red Dia 1,945, 15:19

honestly it's a noob article and there are no good suggestions for other older times with active economy buying raw material companies was a good thing, saltpeter mines for eg. ,but with the current economy buying a simple 10g worth raw material company (which is better with current gbp/G exchange rate than spending 7500gbp for better company) it will take months for your to start getting profit, Save money for maxing out your training grounds, buy/resell weapons/food (take the taxes into consideration),and it doesn't take that much time.I'm noob myself and drunk one even, but this isn't helpful article for any1 trying to make a living in erep.

reti red
reti red Dia 1,945, 15:51

how to make money for a noob: join political party and mu that gives you weapons and great commune wage, save money for free training ground upgrade , and climbing centre upgrade, maxed out(u'll even get a slight profit from maxed out center: 25x0.19 u'll spend 4.75g to recieve 5g in 25days), buy/sell food it's better than selling weapons even with lowered taxes, for eg i went to bulgaria to get my bh, q4 food costs ~0.17gbp in uk, you buy it for 0.10gbp in bulgaria , which ends up in 0.06 profit from a single unit(after taxes)- 60gbp from 1000q4 food sold..., it doesn't take much time doing it, another way to make probaly best profit would be monetary market , but unfortunatly as every1 except government funds and organisations have 10g/per day buying limit(erep rules), it's total waste of time for 20-50gbp daily proifit, another way to earn money would be having rocket factory and trying togo for bh medals, but that's i guess is for more active noobs...
well that's my few cents...

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