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Dia 1,865, 23:59 por gsfdgfs

Starting on the 4th of january Erepublik will have its first ever (I think)
Efootball game and you can register your team now by getting together 6 other people and sending me a PM

Rules of E football
All people must know their on your team (you cant just send me 6 names)
Teams cannot be politically affiliated in any way
Teams cannot be namer after RL teams

How it works
Skill level
Once youve got together your team of 7 people and sent me the message with their names and positions (3 attackers,3 defenders and a goalkeeper) I will get a random skill level between 1 and 100 for the outfield players and between 0 and 1 for the goalie this represents their starting skill then from monday the 31st your team can begin training (this is free at the moment but may cost in future to produce prizes for tournaments and to help justify me doing it) to train all you have to do is set up a PM with me and everyone on your team in it then all your players can train every day simply by posting Train:Day of the Week and their skill level will incease by one.

The games will be simulated using your skill levels and luck levels from using this formula

(Attacker 1 skill x 0.5-1.5)+(Attacker 2 skill x 0.5-1.5)+ (Attacker 2 skill x 0.5-1.5) = total attack points

(defender 1 skill x 0.5-1.5)+
(defender 2 skill x 0.5-1.5)+
(defender 3 skill x 0.5-1.5) = total defense points points

Total attack points - total defense poins x goalie skill equals goals scored

How skill works
Once you have your initial skill of 1-100 you can increase it in several different ways by training by playing matches and for gooalkeepers only keeping a clean sheet
The formula looks like this
initial skill+number of training sessions + (3xnumber of games played)=skill level
Goal keepers are differend once they get there starting skill of 1-100 it can only be inreased by keeping a clean sheet but every day of the week a goalkeepers skill will changer by a random ammount between -0.02 and +0.02 keeping a clean sheet will increase there skill by 0.03

Current teams
Plato athletic Captain Xanther Zaiban
Dapper hotspurs Captain Don dapper

Best player Don dapper 92/100
worst player Goku jones 4/100



T White II
T White II Dia 1,865, 03:18

sound good

FightAndProduce Dia 1,865, 09:43

The concept is very good,but I do think there should be a "luck" factor.Because if a team knows the other team has a higher skill level,they are just going to give up straight away.Because the cold,hard facts say that they can't win.It also makes it's more nail-biting if the two teams are quite evenly matched.

gsfdgfs Dia 1,866, 00:02

There is already luck
thats what the x 0.5-1.5 do so somene with a skill of 100 who gets x 0.5 becomes 50 and someone with a skill of 35 gets x1.5 they get 51 beatind the better players score

FightAndProduce Dia 1,866, 02:36

Oh,sorry I didn't notice.

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