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Dia 1,954, 04:15 por Didei

Be Tough goal is to become one of the strongest military unit in eChina (EC). In achieving this goal we want to to bring in our ranks soldiers that want to achieving greatness, ultimate military power, who have the spirit of sacrifice and that, most importantly, are willing to be part of a united community, a band of brothers.

Requirements to join the MU:
- To have China CS (our MU is located in eChina).
- Strength: Over 40k
- Military rank: God of War
- Q5 Rocket Company
- Work in MU's Companys
- Activity on IRC

What we offer depends on the type of battle we are going to fight in:
1) Regular Battle - We fight just once/day, for that we offer full food fights worth of weapons (Q7)
2) Ally Battles - weapons compensating for the damage you make (more then full FF worth of damage)
3) eChina battles - in this battles we are all required to TANK for our country, supplies will be in weapons(as many as you need to tank).

Also in some battles you will get a set amount of CC/million (the amount will be known 1 day before the battle) to cover the cost of some Energy Bars you sacrificed.

If you do not meet the requirements, do not worry. Just give us a PM and we will iron it out. SO START PMING Didei ( FOR MORE DETAILS.

Least but not last you have to know how to have fun and to enjoy the company of each others.

Atracurium (Commander) & Didei (Second in Command)

“We will fight until the streets turn red”



Rommel Erwin
Rommel Erwin Dia 1,954, 04:22


alzena Dia 1,954, 04:30

: )

I the Clone
I the Clone Dia 1,954, 04:30


Xpertiza Dia 1,954, 04:35

boobs needed :)

Atracurium Dia 1,954, 04:37

boobs needed

Slivac Dia 1,954, 04:39

if you already established "be tough", and if we pay it, help us to conquer gold mine!!!!

pIR33 Dia 1,954, 04:56

Comentário apagado

pIR33 Dia 1,954, 04:57

give me b00bs

Aphr0dite Dia 1,954, 04:59

- To have China CS (our MU is located in eChina). ---> i dont have :D
- Strength: Over 40k ---> i have
- Military rank: God of War ---> im GOW**
- Q5 Rocket Company ---> done
- Activity on IRC ----> meeeeh -_-

Luciver Dia 1,954, 05:25

seem nice

W A R 0 4 0 8
W A R 0 4 0 8 Dia 1,954, 05:49

Vote njabs (:

RUDSAINT Dia 1,954, 05:54

oh damn......... 40K

ilphen Dia 1,954, 07:07

good luck

E Z E 1 3 1 1
E Z E 1 3 1 1 Dia 1,954, 07:09


cCc Chotos cCc

ObIiterate Dia 1,954, 07:37

V+Shout for Didey ♥

KRIMIKO Dia 1,954, 07:43

fight for eCN @@@ never never

Sae Sama
Sae Sama Dia 1,954, 10:43


beepbeep Dia 1,954, 10:46

To have China CS (our MU is located in eChina). ---> yep
- Strength: Over 40k ---> no:(
- Military rank: God of War ---> i'm general
- Q5 Rocket Company ---> q1
- Activity on IRC ----> nop

Didei Dia 1,955, 14:51

beep nu te vrea nimeni oricum!

Guvid Dia 1,954, 11:56

Q5 Rocket Company ---->nope

But accept donation from you to build it

nui04 Dia 1,954, 13:15

wow. like the crappiest images i've ever seen here. what version of paint did you use?

CatBea Dia 1,954, 17:21

Good Luck...o/

FdmScorp Dia 1,954, 19:58

Need votes or subs or FB likes ? order them here:

100 % legal

Torgo Dia 1,954, 23:16

It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken, if you get my drift.

dayerus Dia 1,955, 10:15

Q5 rocket company --- NO (only q1)
Pm if you want me

Soy Pepe Mujica
Soy Pepe Mujica Dia 1,955, 11:20


Eliasgr Dia 1,955, 15:21

I wish you nice fights

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