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American Military Party Communications Department

Dia 1,660, 16:10 por Luis Nordmann
Hello fellow American citizens,

As promised on the previous number of “the drunk donkey” today we are writing about the communications department of the American Military Party. Many people may wonder who is behind the scenes on the major parties, so to those who wonder or are still new around Erepublik, I’ll leave a brief of the important job this department does.

As one of the major parties, the American Military party takes its organization and recruitment very seriously, and that organization goes from the Party Leadership itself to its last member. To any active party member there is ALWAYS a chance to do something for the party and the party works all for the same goal as one.

You may wonder why I say this but here comes the facts:

- When I was eBorn, the first party that cared to message to recruit me was precisely the American Military party.
- No other party ever attempted to contact me to join them.
- The person that actually sent me the recruiting message is in fact the one who trained me as a Communications Staff member.
- I owe Embdoublegee, Israel Stevens, DokJon and HellasUberAlles the support given until now inside the party.

Now you guys will be wondering, from where the message came, so here is the answer: The American Party Communications Department, the staff behind the scenes. We care about our members and the new players, we recruit and help them.

From Mass Messaging, sending new recruitment messages to new citizens, shouting articles and party important warning such as PP nominations, we do everything. No one is ever forgotten. You all, fellow citizens of United States of America matter to us.

The American Military Party is here for all of you and the Communications Department is here to assist everyone who shows willingness to join us or anyone who needs an answer to something. We’re nice people and we don’t bite, if you need us, contact:

Israel Stevens
Kria Erikson
Leroy Combs
Dirty Angels
John Killah
Doru Capone
Mr. Peanuts
Dr Luis Sentieiro

And one of them will certainly assist you.

Feels the AMPs :)

Thank you very much and the best regards to all American people and to the best party of the United States of America: AMP!!

Your press director: Dr Luís Sentieiro


Capo Ne
Capo Ne Dia 1,660, 16:16

✯✯✯Feel The AMPs✯✯✯

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dia 1,660, 16:17

✯✯✯Feel The AMPs✯✯✯

John Killah
John Killah Dia 1,660, 16:20

✯✯✯Feel The AMPs✯✯✯

emdoublegee Dia 1,660, 16:21

✯✯✯Feel The AMPs✯✯✯

Awesome Prussia
Awesome Prussia Dia 1,660, 16:26

✯✯✯Feel The AMPs✯✯✯

Wolfenstain Dia 1,660, 16:29

✯✯✯Feel The AMPs✯✯✯

potato134 Dia 1,660, 17:29

potato can into amp

Mr. Peanuts
Mr. Peanuts Dia 1,660, 17:34

✯✯✯Feel The AMPs✯✯✯

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dia 1,660, 17:38

So, can anyboady tell me whys this party called American Military Party and have no real connections with American Military ?!

this is not an official Army Party ?! m i right ?!

John Largo
John Largo Dia 1,660, 17:54

✯✯✯Feel The AMPs✯✯✯

Jr128 Dia 1,660, 19:39


A long time ago in an erepublik version far far away...

Certain military organizations didn't approve of their members running for congress or political positions without certain very odd requirements. AMP supports the participation in congress for all military personnel.

Correct me if i'm wrong, i think that's right.

Thermaikos Dia 1,661, 06:04

good job

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