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✟Interview With The POPE!✟

Dia 1,948, 10:30 Publicado em Cyprus Chipre por Dr. Packesel

Hello Kankiler, hello humans, hello zombies,

I, Dr. Packesel, am the official Interviewer Of eCyprus and CypRUS. Many of the cypriot Catholic communist (cCc) wanted an interview with the only pope.
And I got him for an interview. Be prepared with cola, french fries (Finway amk :((() and chicken nuggets from mcDonalds and read this Interview!

Dr. Packesel:

hello kanki pope, nasilsin
i am dr. packesel, proud catholic as the whole island cyprus is.
I know there's already an interview with the pope, but i have some questions, which are not in the interview. So I'd like to interview yu pope kanki

Papa Francisco I:

Of course Dr. Packesel. I will gladly answer. I really look forward to it.

God bless you!

Dr. Packesel:

Thank you. Firstly, my introduction question. As you are the pope, what is your favorite food?

Papa Francisco I:

Oh well, good question! I like barbecue meat the most, I guess that would be my favourite food.

Dr. Packesel:

Many vegetarians are asking you: Why? Why do you eat animals? Is that - in the name of god - ok, is it aceptable?

Papa Francisco I:

Oh! Of course my dear sons. Eating only vegetables is not only nowhere to find in the holy Bible but against your own health as well.

Dr. Packesel:

Last time, I shouted "Allahu aqbar". You voted it. Are u now christian or muslim? We are confused.

Papa Francisco I:

That kind of errors is what separates all religions and mankind. As you know "Allahu aqbar" means God is the greatest, why wouldn´t I agree?

Dr. Packesel:

Wow, you are right!
Many people now asking, the pope. What does he the whole time in the vatican
Do you watch football?

Papa Francisco I:

I work for humanity trying to change the way people see church, helping the poor and the weak. And yes I also watch football, my favourite team is San Lorenzo from Argentina.

Dr. Packesel:

Do you have any favorite team in europe?

Papa Francisco I:

Yes, I like Napoli from Italy and Barcelona from spain.

Dr. Packesel:

You support barcelona. Do you also support a free catalonia?

Papa Francisco I:

I support wharever is good for the people. If they decide they should be free then it´s theyr will so freedom must be granted.

Dr. Packesel:

Do you support a peaceful eWorld without any war?

Papa Francisco I:

No I don´t sopport a peaceful eWorld. Because tiranny and evil are all around us and it will only end when the opressed and the broken get together against them. Together against the conquerors, conquering the conquerors.

Dr. Packesel:

Interesting! I just delivered a pizza. Do you sometimes also buy pizza?

Papa Francisco I:

Oh yes of course, I'm a pizza fan.

Papa Francisco I:

what is your favorite pizza of all time?

My favourite pizza of all time would be Pizza Margetita with sliced tomatoes and basil.

Dr. Packesel:

after u answered this question:
Thank you for the interview, pope francisco I!
Do you want to say anything to the readers, to the christians and to the others?

Papa Francisco I:

Thank you for interviewing me my son, and the message I like to share is simple, and it was said by a reggae singer called Bob Marley:

Have pitty on those who´s chances grow thinner, because there is no hiding place from the father of creation.

Thank you. God Bless You.

Interview With The Pope!
by Dr. Packesel~



Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Dia 1,948, 10:33


Umit the Cepni Dia 1,948, 10:33

Comentário apagado

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Dia 1,948, 10:34

bak diğer makalede pirinç salmadın şimdi sal ananı sikerim oç

Dr. Packesel
Dr. Packesel Dia 1,948, 10:34

melaba xdxd this pirinc will write history xdxd

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Dia 1,948, 10:37

send me my weps now oç

† AMEN †

Papa Francisco I
Papa Francisco I Dia 1,948, 10:43

God bless this article!

Colonel Dag Dia 1,948, 10:49

Comentário apagado

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Dia 1,948, 10:51

"...i saw god and she was black..."

AlbanianPitbull Dia 1,948, 11:05

dafuq ?

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Dia 1,948, 14:09

dafuq what?

adamjensenn Dia 1,948, 11:13

Catholic? BLASPHEMY !


Dr. Packesel
Dr. Packesel Dia 1,948, 11:21

lies of the communist party

NueveOcho Dia 1,949, 10:51


adamjensenn Dia 1,948, 11:14

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Dia 1,948, 14:27

† AMEN †

Georgelakeland Dia 1,948, 14:46

all i have to say is
in greek cypriot meaning.
OMG O LEONTIS !!! xa xa xa xa xa xa xa

ElRoi Dia 1,948, 17:14

The whole island is Catholic???
I thought Communists are atheists.
Anyway, i don't like pizza, so I'm not Catholic! xdxd

Kaniballos Dia 1,949, 02:10


De Factor
De Factor Dia 1,949, 09:51

oh god!xD

NueveOcho Dia 1,949, 10:51

xdxd knki

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dia 1,949, 16:55

Why didn't you ask about the red shoes? I can forgive him being against us oppressed vegetarians, but I can't forgive him failing to mention the footwear.
6 pairs.
7 days in a week.
His day off can't be Sunday, surely???

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