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[AMP] Party President Address - Unity and upgrades!

Dia 1,962, 22:42 por Luis Nordmann

Greetings fellow party members, today I bring to you the latest news from the AMP Political scene!!

AMP CP Endorsement

To start off: making AMP history Vanek has won our country president primary unopposed in the nomination phase. We will be thusly support him and, subsequently, his chosen officials in this upcoming election. Vote Vanek26 for Victory!!

AMP Legal and Accounting Department

Our legal and accounting department has been dedicating a significant amount of time to developing and completely retooling, so to speak, the two main party documents: the policies and the statue. Each in their own right are quite verbose, they have done a great job refining the articles, and they are displayed on our forum for voting:

Party Statute - Vote

Party Policies - Vote

I implore each and every party member to speak their mind and vote on the adoption of each of these revised documents.

AMP Retention and Interns

Next on the list would, naturally, be the retention effort enacted in the poker tournament and the debate. The inter-party tournament is progressing well although understandable and unavoidable complications arise in the conflicting of schedules of each participant. Retention has been doing their best and I have good mind to believe they will sort out any and all issues in due time. Their efforts in the debate area, so to speak, have been equally impressive; the debate on last saturday, the 30th, went smoothly. There were a few minor predicaments with regards to attendance: some arrive late, others never. However the debate ran it’s full course and the team contra to the established point of conjecture emerged victorious.The debate was upon the controversial subject that is the ,potential, AMP Military Unit, Blondeninja and Syz where representing the position contra whilst Dr Luis Sentieiro defended the notion. Blondeninja and Syz did end up ‘winning’ however the debate was an important piece in the metaphorical puzzle that is the development of such a project, and thus we applaud the efforts of both sides.

Next events:

AMP IRC Debate: 6th April 2013

Inter-Parties Poker Tournament: 7th April 2013

Fun Segment - Trolling contest

Fact: People like to troll people and facts regarding people, so considering this, I will propose a challenge:

You will write a comment in reply to this article trolling any AFA member you wish. Comments used for this challenge should follow this rules:

- Trolling only permitted for challenge effects on AFA members or known PTOers, whoever doesn’t follow this rule will be declassified.

- Comment should be in the following format:

Troll Challenge!

Trolling [Insert name]

Troll joke written here...

- The comments, although trolling the person will not be allowed insults that imply breaking erepublik laws. All comments with insults will be reported and ultimately removed by an erepublik moderator.

- The winner should be the one with the best trolling comment. The best troll will be awarded 3 gold.

AMP Radio and Media Department!

The media department, has also been dedicating much time to it’s duties; they have been managing the article schedule of the leadership entities and concurrently producing our radio show. The show airs periodically on Mondays and Wednesdays at 16:00 GMT-8 and 1800 GMT-8 respectfully, we all encourage you to call in to the show to have fun with us on air and discuss important issues as they pertain to us. The aforementioned media instalments are as follows:

AMP Radio shows here, in the show page:

You can visit us at the AMP Radio IRC room here: #eAMPR

Recommended reading from AMP Leadership:

Blondeninja for Tech & Security -

Bruce Hatton for Retention -

Evry for PAC -

Saraht0ga for Media -

Black Baroness for CoS article -

Contest! - New Newspaper banner!

The winner of the banner contest mentioned in my previous article is Lord Darcia with his submission of:

He shall be rewarded with 5 gold for his efforts and top place in this contest, please congratulate him.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this article produced by the infamous corleone family and their affiliates! Please stay attuned to any further announcements and media instalments made by the American Military Party!

Your Party President,

Dr Luis Sentieiro



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,962, 22:46

Feel the AMPs!!!!!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dia 1,962, 22:49

Feel the AMPs!!!!!

blondeninja Dia 1,962, 22:50

Good article

DanielEsp Dia 1,962, 22:53

Feel the AMPs!!!!!

Nice job guys, keep it up o7

Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Dia 1,963, 04:05

3cc senteilho

Mister Y
Mister Y Dia 1,963, 06:12

And if I want to troll Dr Luis Sentieiro, the worst PTOer ever?

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,963, 11:45

haha I'm not a PTOer. I may be called a trrbl elitist tho. xD

Free Area
Free Area Dia 1,963, 12:16

2 cents

weasel2 Dia 1,963, 13:11

14 Hrs and no entries? No one can do better than me? Sad.

Trolling Challenge!
Trolling: RGR

A white dove flys with an olive branch across the great divide
Good fruit is not what Ajay seeks and reason is cast aside
Peace is not his goal, nor gold, nor even sweet liberty
Power o'er all, was all, is all, and all it shall ever be

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Dia 1,963, 14:05


From donkey to gangster...

Great upgrade even for a mexican portuguese immigrant!

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,963, 16:31

Well, at least gangsters use guns to shoot despicable people such as yourself.

Chernobyl disaster
Chernobyl disaster Dia 1,963, 23:10

what are you guys ,why trolls ? you're all Americans!

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,964, 22:54

Well, citizenship doesn't actually define the person interests regarding the country. Your party leadership is composed by PTOers who want to steal money from USA treasury and fully take-over our congress.

Your Party President was banned several times for the creation of multis to actively influence elections is his favor. Or if you prefer, for cheating elections.

Don't expect us to not troll people like that who can't even win by cheating.

Alexander Radsoc Goebbels
Alexander Radsoc Goebbels Dia 1,964, 12:25

Strength and Honour

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